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New PR

Last night I squated 405 for 5 reps. My new PR. I do not know if this is alot lifting at the YMCA. So is it a good weight for me 5’8" 185lbs?

Good for you! That’s my goal also. I’m up to 375 for 5. Any particular program that led you to your PR?


if its a PR then its good.

No real program. Just 6 sets of squats on leg day. 1st set being warm up. then I do 4 sets of stifflegged deadlifts. 4 sets wide stance(like sumo squats)on hack squat. 3sets leg extentions and 3 sets leg curls(sitting)

Not much feels better than a new PR. Good Job!


Your YMCA has a squat rack? Or did you also PR a 5 rep power clean and press?


lol yea it has a squat rack.

What did those squats look like? If there is one exercise i’m skeptical about when I hear about PR’s, it’s the squat. There is a big difference between 5x405 1/4 squats and 5x405 full squats. I say this because you say you didn’t really use any specific program and weights such as that don’t just happen by doing this and that in the gym, especially at a bodyweight of 185.

it is alright to be jealous loop.

I am not jealous at all, quite the contrary. If you re-read my post, you’ll see that I never said I doubted your lifts, I really did mean the question. I know for different sports a full squat is usually not used. Many sprinters, football players,etc. only use 1/4 or 1/2 squats because of sport specificity. I’m in Olympic Weightlifting, so we use full squats. I was curious as to the type of squats you perform? A PR is always a good thing, like Goldie said, so I didn’t mean for you to think I was downplaying that in any way.

Excellent work!

Had a few too many Bloody Marys last night loop sorry dude.
I come down to the point where my knee is almost 90 degrees. 88 degrees anymore then this and I experience pain in my knees.

That’s a partial squat, but still a very respectable number. Get some ART done on your knees so you can experience the benefits of full squatting. Plus full squats are healthier for your knees.

So then it’s definitely not a full squat.

Either way, good job on your personal best.

Why do you do partials anyway? Any particular reason?

Solo, it’s all good if solo’s girl rewards you for it!

405 is more than I can do, I should be there by the end of the year and I outweigh you handily.

Nice work man.