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New PR!

Today I maxed out for the first time since about March. While maxing out I made some new PR’s!
Squat-305 (could’ve gone higher probably, but wanted to keep form and I was tired)
Shoulder press-125

Back in March-
Squat-275 or so
Bench-175 or so
Shoulder press-115?

I’m going for cleans and dead maxes on Wed, then I’ll be starting back on Rippetoe’s SS. Unless you guys think I should do something else. I’ve just been doing my own thing since about April, making sure I hit every group.

Props on your progress!

Yes, seen the +30lbs on BP, I think your squat is probably higher (if you’ve been working both equally hard).

Give a honest run to SS, especially if what you’ve done so far is different.

Thank you! I have done SS once, but stopped seeing results as much, I’m going to give it an honest run this time.