New PR Today!

I’m going to shamelessly stroke my ego and let y’all know I set a PR and pulled 405 off the rack from just above the knee, the bar just touching the very top of the kneecap. I’m sorry to say that was with a mixed grip. I can just get it off the rack and no farther with a straight overhand. I can lock out about 375 with a straight overhand, so of course my next goal is to get 405 with a straight grip, and then a full deadlift.

Oh and I got an 85 on my physics test too. Go me.

Congrats on the PR. I pulled 585 from two inches below my knees with a hook grip Saturday. That’s a big hook grip PR for me. Now if I could only get it off the floor:) I give all the credit to the AD. This diet makes me Jacked!

You’re on the AD too? I hadn’t seen you on the AD thread. Check it out if you haven’t:

Anyway, yeah the AD is totally awesome.