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New PR on deadlifts today. 550lbs @ 186lb bw


Not sure how to embed on my phone, so if anyone will do that for me, thanks. Here is the link.


Nice pull Patrick! Looked like you were good for quite a bit more too!


I tried 585 after that and couldn't get it off the floor. Need to work my glutes and hammys hard next few weeks. Got a comp dec 17


Jesus man I outweigh you by 40 pounds yet my deadlift doesn't even compare. Good work you should be proud!


Thanks guys. Hopefully I can have a 600 for you by comp time


Wow, that's kind of surprising... 550 looked really fast. Can't go wrong with more glute/ham work, that helps everything.


Yeah it surprised me a little. If I get it up the first 6inches, I got it. Coming off the floor is the hardest part for me.


My problem's opposite of yours. I'm strong off the floor but have problems with my lockout. Also http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/training_personal_records_part_3


Any qualms with my form? I know its not perfect, but hard to keep perfect form on a max....


Doesn't appear to me that you get your whole body locked in based on the running start you took into the bar. But you're lifting considerably more then I am, and tightness is hard to judge via video regardless. Great lift in my books!


OP could you give us a breakdown of your deadlift training?


If you have the time, I'd be interested to see your training too, especially as my sticking point is the same as yours. (I'm also about half as strong as you...)


I deadlift once a week, on Fridays. I work up to a one rep max every week. Once i fail, i drop down and do 3x3 of 75% of whatever my max was. Then i do ATG light squats, about 50% of my max to failure for 2 sets. And that's all i do on Fridays.

Tuesday is my "leg day". I start with box squats and do work up to 3 sets of 5 of 80% of my 3 rep max from last week. and then do heavy parallel squats and work up to a 3 rep max. then drop set with 315, 225, and 135.
2 sets of 15 on leg curls
2 sets of 15 on leg extensions
3 sets of 5 on leg press.

My maxxed 525 with straps about 6 weeks ago before i jumped on the gear. gone up a good bit since then in all my lifts.


Where did you get this routine from? and also do you typically hit a new max every week? when your progress stalls do you do any kind of deload period?


i take a week off, every 8 weeks. I guess I didn't get that program from anywhere, just over time i learned what worked for me. Sometimes My max goes up 5lbs, sometimes it doesnt move for a couple weeks.


I heard Mark Rippletoe say something really interesting once, he said that most people only can achieve their TRUE 1RM once a year. That being said, you'll never know what your true 1RM you progressively train for your 1RM up to your competition time (ie just go 3RM or 4RM once a week etc.,).

Basically, I think what Mark Rippletoe is saying is that if you save your 1RM for competition days you're probably going to perform better; seems to make sense. I on the other hand are like most people and try to 1RM my dead lift at least once a month.


I suppose that makes a little sense. but i'm also on the gear so i recover a lot faster...


Once a year? Really? I don't see why this would be the case. There is no recovery mechanism in the body I can think of that would take that long to get better.


lmao @ ppl on other boards trying to call bs on the video. gotta love the non believers. just boosts my confidence even more.


what other boards you talking about patrick? bodybuilding.com? Those guys are always good for a laugh. This is by far the best forum I've ever been to. Your lift is 100% legit no doubt about it.