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New PR, New Goal!!


Hey guys,

So I set a goal to squat 350 by the end of the year and hit 365 on Friday. I'm so fkin stoked but now I'm shooting for 415 by Feb 26. My big 3 totals are:

Squat 365
Bench 235
Deadlift 405

I'm shooting for:

Squat 415
Bench 250. (don't really care)
Deadlift 455

I'm currently at 169 lbs. I know the goals are really ambitious but thats kind of the point. I'm not wondering if it's doable, but wondering what kind of challenges any of you guys may have experienced trying to make big jumps as a hard gainer. Any tips to stay injury free? This looking to enter my first PL meet in Feb, that's why I'm trying to kill it.


Getting your squat to 415 by Feb.26 seems pretty impossible. Maybe if you did smolov for squats but then pretty much all you'd be doing is squatting and that's still a huge jump. Also I'd care about your bench more so you don't end up like me with a 425 squat yet can hardly bench 250.


Hardgainer is another term for undereater.


i have faith in ya. go get it!


I actually think the squat might be the most attainable. OP, ever done any speed work for your squat or tried to develop reactive strength? If not, add that in and prosper!


haha that's true


Are you trying to stay in a certain weight class? If not I would eat everything you see and keep doing what you've been doing until that fails. Then come back and ask for advice.


GJ OP, dont listen to rangers everyones body operates differently. I went from squatting 455 for 3 to 500 for 3 in about the same time frame back in the beggining of the year.

Hit your legs hard, eat and youll get it man GL