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New PR In Bench And Deadlift

This is my first real post on this site, but I was pretty excited so I thought I’d post my recent PR’s here.

I’m coming off the flu (6 days removed from 100*F fever), so I did not expect too much from my first 2 workouts of the week. However, Mon. resulted in a new PR of 240 lbs. in my bench (an increase of 10). Today, I increased my PR in the deadlift from 355 lbs. to 365 lbs.

Prior to my bout with the flu, I was using 4 full body workouts a week with a 10x3 protocol for the core lifts (bench, squat, deadlift) and 4x6 for the accessory lifts.

I’m currently using the front squat variation, so I won’t be setting any new PR’s in squat (currently 315) in the near future.

Boiler up!

Congrats, man :slight_smile:

Keep on lifting!

Congrats and keep it up.

Maybe you just needed a break, might be something top consider, though I am not big in having /forcing breaks myself. LOL, but maybe a drop in volume/load from time to time if you can.

Once again GREAT WORK!!!

Keep those PR’s coming.

Thanks! Considering I only started lifting 2 years ago at 28, I feel like I’m making good progress. Even better since I found this site last summer :slight_smile: