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New PR 315x20, Hope You Guys Are Surviving Rona Okay

Miss BS-ing with you guys. Just trying to be a grown man and get work done, be a decent husband and father and don’t have time for social media.

2020 has been okay. Working from home I went from 245 with a 38 inch waist all the way down to 230 with a 36 inch waist. Still at 36 inch waist and a bit leaner but back up to 240, annoying. Would prefer to see 34" waist again. All this on 200pr, 100C, 100F. So staying under 2k calories.

Hope you’re all still alive and God bless. I forget your handles but you know who you are.

Enjoy the hyperventilation and form breakdown.


Good to hear from you dude. Hell of a set.

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Mannnn, you’re getting very solid.

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Good to see you again!

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Glad to hear people doing well, even in spite of the craziness 2020 keeps throwing at us all.


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Looking good, and a good looking set. Glad you’re well.

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