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New Powerlifting Gym Colo Springs

Just wanted to get the word out to powerlifters in the north Colorado Springs area about a new powerlifting gym

THE STRENGTH ROOM - located inside Trilakes Fitness and Strength Center (Monument) Is a high performance strength and conditioning center for powerlifting and olympic lifting.
5 Lifting Platforms
5 Rack stations
EliteFTS full power racks (4 stations)
Rouge Monster Racks
EliteFTS competition series bench press
Dedicated dead lift platform with rouge iron plates plus Rouge bumper plate sets and band pegs
Specialty bars - SSB safety squat bar, Camber bar, Trap bar, Axle bar… ball bearing olympic weight lifting bars, and more.
All our racks and benches are equipped with band pegs and we have full array of bands and chains
PIT SHARK belted squat machine with weighted dip and pull up station
and much much more

OPEN 24/7 - where else can you powerlift and olympic lift 24 hours a day in a top of the line facility.

Members also will have access to an additional 5000+ sq feet of the general gym equipment for body building, cardio, accessory work training etc…

Tri-Lakes Fitness and Strength