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New Powerlifter


I've been a lurker for a long ass time on T-Nation and I finally decided to join. I started powerlifting about 6 months ago in the 18-19 year old class DT 181's. I competed twice, my most recent comp was in Fort Myers, Florida at the APA Southeastern Open back in Novemeber of last year. I went 9 for 9 with a 360/250/466/1076.

I now train down at Titanium Barbell in St. Petersburg, Florida with WR holder Brian Highnote. This year we will be going to Spokane, Washington to compete at the APA Nationals in Ryan Kennelly Territory. I'll be shooting for a 400/300/500 @198 there and Brian will be shooting for his 550 bench @198.

I'll be around....


I'm guessing you numbers are listed squat/bench/dead, right? Good work with those weights at your bodyweight. When I competed in high school the best I ever mustered was 245 @ 187lbs. Good luck in your next competition.


Nice weights man!

Are those lifts raw or with gear?

Don't think I'm one of those anti-gear fellas either, I lift in the USAPL.

Raw or not, you're a strong fella.


You've got a great training partner/mentor. That's gotta rock.


Hey man great numbers for your first two meets. The fact that you lift with someone who is so strong will only make you better. Best of luck to you.


Yeah. My coach and Tom are some good guys to train with Brian has hit 615 off a 4 board and Tom is hittin' mid 5's off a 4 board. I'm definitely in a hardcore atmospehere.

At my last meet, I had a Inzer Z suit, knee wraps, Max DL suit and a single ply Rage. LOL @ USAPL. We are APA whores. Brian was the chairman for florida for about 4 years he just recently stepped down.


I'm definitely in a hardcore environment. Our gym is small yet efficent. We've got all the essentials. We are getting a monolift at the end of this next month along with a SSB and a Reverse Hyper.

Brian hit 640 of a 5 board a couple of weeks ago and Tom hit 540 that same day. I'm working with some strong bitches.

LOL @ USAPL comment. We are all APA whores because Brian was the chairman for florida and a lot of APA meets happen in florida.

At my last meet, I had a Z-suit, a rage shirt, a Max DL suit and some wraps. 9 for 9 came easy.