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New Powerful Images

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Soft, curvy and feminine. Gawd luv it!!

Normally I’m not much of a hips guy. But if shes got the boobs to match, I’m all for it.

And this girl…shes got the boobs to match.

Now those are hips for grip!!! A very powerful image indeed!!!

Ok, admit it. How many of you licked your monitor as I just did?

Worked wonders for my wrist workout.

my testosterne just shot up about 800 points. shes so fucking hot.

Oh yeah, me likey hips! Maybe she’d like my patented Sausage Sammich. 8 inches of my meat slipped between her buns!

them are some powerful hips, make for some great handles.

yes.,nice hips…yummy yum yum

that look like jenna

they need a caption for every picture hahahaha.

she could either be happy its so big

or amused it so small…