New Power Pants

Just got my power pants Saturday. Just in time for this week’s DE-Squat day. These are the 1st piece of powerlifting apparel I own. I think they fit good, but damn, they were difficult to get on. I wanted to see if anyone had an opinion of how they should fit. When I put them on the bottom of the leg hits me about 3/4 of the way up my thigh and the crotch is snug. The top comes up over my abdomen. The thing is they don’t feel as tight around my ass. The reason I say they I think they fit good is that whith them on, I picked up 40 lbs on my box squat 1RM. Any insight into how they should fit?

If you are picking up 40 pounds out of a pear of powerpants then they fit you good. As long as they are tight in the hips, leg tightness dosent matter, they dont need to be so tight they effect your form but they should be snug, if they dont fit tight in your ass that is sign you need to gain some ass mass, lol keep gaining weight…Big martin

Big Martin-

Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect out of them. You’ve been a big help all around and have taught me a couple of tricks.

BTW, you’re right, I do need to gain some mass on my ass, that’s why I love ME-Squat days.