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New.. Posting Progress and Pics Later On

Not sure if this belongs here but, here I go…
Age: 24
Height: 74 inches
Weight: 232lbs
BF %: 21% (according to army)

Gut: 36.5 inches
Biceps: 16.4 inches
Neck: 16 inches
Chest: 46 inches
Dont have any other measurements at the moment…

About five years ago I weighed 300lbs with a 46 inch gut, I needed a change, and I came down to 265 lbs and passed BF standards (barely) to join the military. Now 4 years later Im in Iraq and using my free time to get fit. Ill be writing down my progress here just so I have a way to keep motivated. My goals are a 315x10 Bench, 415 Deadlift, and a 350 squat with a BF% of 10% by the end of the year.

Ive lifted before, no more than about 2-3 months consistently; its been about 4 months of lifting now. Last time I lifted weights was about 2 years ago.

4 months ago:
Weight: 246
Bench: 205x8
Squat: 185x8
Deadlift: 225x8
Barbell shrug: 185x8
Pull-ups: 1

Stats now:
Weight: 230 lbs
Bench: 285 1RM
Squat: 245x8
Deadlift: 315x3
Barbell shrug: 245x8
Pull-ups:3 (three correct pull-ups)

2000 calories on non-workout days
2500 on workout days

150g protein
30g fat
anywhere from 20-65g of carbohydrates

Fruits (kiwi, pineapple, apples, mangos…Etc), 3 hard boiled eggs
Usually two sandwiches or 2 sandwich wraps with either beef or tuna
Usually any meat except pork

Creatine, Whey Protein, Daily Vitamin (I just ordered supplements from Biotest)

Routine: all three sets…
Flat Bench Press x 8
Decline Bench x 8
Two Hand Cable Cross-over x 8
Pec-Dec x 8

Every week I rotate the bench press with Dumbells, and then the next week do Drop-sets, either BB or DB.

Squat x 8
Leg press x 8
Front Leg Raise x 8
Leg Curls x 8
Seated calf raises x 8
Standing calf raise (smith machine) x 10

Military DB press x 8
BB Shrugs x 8
DB Shrugs x 8
Seated DB side raises x 8
Not sure what to call this exercises, but I work the rear deltoids by lying down on a bench with DB, raising the DBs up and one with the Pec-Dec machine, both x 8
Seated DB front raises x 8

Seated Incline DB Curls x 8
Skull-Crushers x 8
Preacher curls x 8
Close-grip BB bench x 8
Hammer-Curls x 8
Weighted Dips x 8
I alternate every week with supersets.

Back, Abs & Deadlift:
Deadlift x 8
Lat Pull-downs wide grip x 8
Lat Pull-downs close grip x 8
Seated Cable row x 8
BB Bent over row x 8
DB bent over row x
Decline weighted Sit-ups x 20
Leg Raises x 20
Oblique twist x 8

Two rest days, I run 3 miles on my rest days. Thanks for reading, Ill be posting my progress here and hopefully some pictures when I get a camera! Any comments appreciated.

Edit: I would like some help on biceps, in the last four months ive only increased my DB curls by 10 lbs, even though I work 3 sets of 8 and on the 8th rep i reach muscle failure.

If you’re posting progress and daily workouts, this should go in the training logs section. If it’s just pictures for progress, there’s the forum for “rate my physique”…
But anyways, keep it up man.

[quote]Grimster wrote:

2000 calories on non-workout days
2500 on workout days

150g protein
30g fat
anywhere from 20-65g of carbohydrates


150g protein, 30g fat, and 65g carbohydrates = 1130 calories.

Not sure how much you’re actually eating, but at your size and activity level you could probably get away with higher than 2000-2500 even though you’re cutting. Also, make sure you up that protein a lot more, get at LEAST 1g/pound bodyweight.

Good luck man, keep at it.