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Thought I would just post a hello to everyone here. Been lurking in the background for a couple months and thought I would introduce myself. I’ve been weight lifting on and off for about 4 years but seriously for about 2 now. I am 6 feet, 187 lbs and 9% body fat. I’ve been training natural for the time. Not that I look down my nose at steroids or anything (I am not a hypocrite that thinks roids are a bad drug and then goes out and slams a case of beer down my throat on a Friday). I thought I would get to posting since I enjoy talking about the sport we love so much and, like we all experience, most people out there don’t understand why we do it.


Welcome! We always like new people around here…The more ideas the better…Look forward to your contributions to the sports…

Welcome to the gladiator pit Rock. I have been lifting for over 40 years and still don’t know why I do it so you are obviously ahead of me in 1/10th the time. Enjoy.

Nice to have you here.