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New PLifter: Box Squat Depth


Quick Intro. 26 been training for a few years. Had a back injury that set me back but got me on the right path. Am now working on my form and the lifts are going up very quickly. I'm training for a meet May 9th and am working towards doing the 275lb class. Am currently 303 down about 14lbs in the last 5 weeks.

Sorry if this is a dumb question but how close to depth is this. I think it would be 3 red lights but i lift in a College Town FuFu gym and No one around PL's. I am trying to do a meet May 9th. Any help at all would be very appreciated. Thanks Sorry I think it's sideways. If anyone knows how to fix it let me know if not I'll get it the right way next time.

Thanks Ben

Link since it Doesn't seem to want to Load on here


Depends on your lifting federation, amigo.

In the anything-goes-geared-to-the-gills feds that'd pass easy.

Maybe not so much in stricter feds like the IPF.

Also, if you haven't competed before I wouldn't worry too much about making weight.

Get someone to help handle you (help you put on your gear, knee wraps, whatever) if it's a geared meet.


It's an APA meet and they have a geared(standard and unlimited) and Raw division. I am thinking of going for the Raw simply because I don't really have anyone to help with the suit wraps and such. I was trying to make weight for two reasons. I want something to actually drop weight for and think I will be more competitive in the 275 (current are about ~390BP, ~600DL might be a bit lower, pulled 615 but from about an 1.5" off the ground ~520Sq box like seen Belt and compression shorts) however my lifts have been going up by a margin every week as I gain back my Lback strength and my confidence. My farther forward goal is to stay 275~280 and maintain or gain strength.

Does anyone know of any trainers in De asked around and a few of the older lifters I knew didn't know anyone who still power lifted. or should i just head to the gym that the meet will be at and try to find a few guys who PL there?


Again it depends on the Fed, I don't think the APA is super strict but I haven't lifted with them. However I think those squats in the vid would all be high. Since you are using an aerobics step 4-5 risers is usually legal depth for most squatters. Bigger guys don't always go higher because their butt and thighs are so much thicker. You might get away with 6 risers in a looser fed but that is pushing it, anything over that I would say is high.

Good luck with your first meet, I hope you do well.


Even in APA, I would go just a little lower, especially on an opener. I think you are just about there. But a fast, easy, and super-legit squat opener sets the tone for the rest of your meet.


Thanks I'll try dropping down one riser and see where I am at then.
Pinto: I'll make sure to really nail the opener for depth and set things off right.
I appreciate all the help. I'm doing a modified WS, pretty much no real speed work switched it for rep work. but the rest is the same. so any hints or ideas on that front would be appreciated also.
Thanks Ben


Barring catastrophe, I'll be lifting at that meet. Kate's meets are a great time. There are a few PL teams in that area, one I know of is in Rising Sun and most of those guys lift in that meet every time. If you want to PM me, I'll give you some info.


You would do well to post a vid of your squat (i.e. with NO box) and not sideways would help! I hope you include standard squat, it will feel really different to a box squat if you dont.

Best of luck though, hope you do well.


From what I can see, it looks like you're sitting down and rocking a bit too much on the box. Remember, your box squat should mimic your free squat, since there won't be anything to sit on at the meet. As a raw lifter this is even more important. As for depth, better safe than sorry, so try to take it down another inch or two.

Also, cutting 28 more pounds for a meet will backfire on you in my opinion. I know you want to be competitive, but tht much weight loss will hurt your strength. When you have stabilized at a weight class, then start worrying about the competition.

Just my 2 cents; best of luck!! Let us know how you do!