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New Planet Fitness Comercial


If this is a repost, I apologize

My question is if they are so interested in a judgment free zone why do they judge bodybuilders, powerlifters, etc?


Lol - yea, I've been seeing this lately. They really make that guy out to be a complete fucktard.


I wonder why he agreed to be used in the commercial. Oh yeah, money.


The best part is how when they show the other members, they all look like total dogshit.

And the trainer/salesguy looks like he should be working in a library. Lol....



pretty funny blog about planet fitness



I'm tired of hearing about planet fitness. And their lunk alarm.


Looks like they are overcompensating for an inferiority complex.


Isnt this exactly what you guys want? An uncool gym to keep the uncool people out of the cool guys gyms?

Seems like everyone should be thanking them


good point.


The personal trainer looks small and weedy even compared to people who dont work out.This looks like a gym for fat people and skinny people to boast that they go to the gym to their friends but not actually do anything when they get there.


It's like they're not even advertising a gym, just a place for people who don't want to work hard to hang out and feel better about themselves.

Planet Fitness, No Judgments,.. unless of course you've obviously made progress in the gym, then we'll make you feel like shit because we haven't made any gains ourselves.



I hate Planet Fitness because they found a great formula to empty pockets while providing a product that none of the people who pay them for it want.

It makes me so damn angry that I didn't think of it. Like a perpetual cash machine.



just saw on New Hampshire Chronicle (tv show) that Planet Fitness started her in NH,

I apologize for not stopping them when they had only 4 stores in 2003 in NH. lol

the piece showed manager talking about her judgment free gym, "you can come in in sweat pants or pajamas, whatever you feel fine in"

and the sad news, it will become the biggest chain of gyms in the US
they have 380 right now and expect 1000 more


hmmm planet fitness whats their line..."no judgements" however all they seem to do is judge. It seems as if you take any type of weightlifting serious wether it be bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongmen, then they judge. If you look mediocre and aspire to be mediocre then its ok,

Planet Fitness "Mediocre Welcome Zone."


The only real problem I have with planet fitness is how it's a symptom of society's lowering of the bar for what is considered "fit" and demonization of those who want to pursue a greater level of fitness or muscle than sparkly vampires. Other than that, as noted, they remove people from my gym I wouldn't want to see there. They have a great business model for keeping their clients coming back, so power to them. That being said, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgQzZbNxZZ0 is a more accurate representation of what goes through my mind when I see one.


Just went to an auction for a once-locally owned gym going out of business. Terms were that anything you won had to be removed by 10pm the same day, as PF was being handed the keys at midnight and bringing all their own shit in. Looks like PF has become the Wal-Mart of fitness boutiques (I will never call PF a gym).


Kind of like Crossfit....




oh hai guyz sup?


I saw it last night. I can't believe that's what they're proud of... being a gym that nobody big can lift at.