New Plan

Thanks to the help of my fellow t-brethren I have came to the conclusion that with my prolonged use of ephedra I have pretty much muffed up my metabolism, and now I want to get it back, and do it the right way. So here is what I plan to do. I have just ordered a box of Hot Rox, and I plan to use it when it comes. I plan to train like a maniac, and eat a clean diet, which will be around 2300 cals. This is my maintenence level. that is all I can really think that is on my plan, can any one offer some additional things I can do to get my metabolism back to where it needs to be? I also plan on using some ALA, when is the best time to take it, and in what dosages? thanks again all the help is really appreciated…

Why don’t you just stay off the fat burners period for a while? Let your receptors deregulate or whatever. If you’re eating maintenance, do you really need a fat burner?

Why don’t you try to gain a little bit, man? Thatll rev up that metabolism.

Definitely sounds like you need to lay off the thermos. rALA is cool stuff, and it’s been discussed many-a-times… there have been some really good threads. Find 'em.

You have a good point, I am just wanting to do whatever it takes to get my body and my metabolism to its normal state. Needles to say I am willing to put in any kind of nutrition scheme and training plan that will get me to where I want to be. I am currently hovering around 190, this is after a weekend of fun with old college friends, so I after training this week and ditching the water, I whould be around 185. Any how I just really want to do this right, it sucks knowing that after doing something I thought was good for my body for so long was actually tearing it apart. Any how If anyone can help me out as far as setting up a plan to get my body back that would be great.