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New Plan with Less Volume. Will I Lose Muscle?

Hi guys. I decided to change my program to phul. The problem is that compared to the current volume, the one I will have from the phul program will be much smaller.
For example, on a day of the previous plan i did 4 chest exercises of 4 sets of 10 reps, 2 times a week. In plan phul i have 2 exercises, strenght and hypertrophy, 3x3-6, respectively 3-4x10-12. the volume is smaller.
I am in a clean bulk period of 0,2kg/week. protein 2g / kg, fat 70g and carbs.
Will I lose my muscle mass if I go to such a program? do I need to reduce my calories? currently they are at 2800 per day.
Thank you!

Lifting weights has a tremendous track record of helping people put on muscle. I think you’ll be just fine.


No just focus on making your sets count.

Bottom line with any change is that you never know until you try. Less volume? Maybe your body will do well with more recovery time. Everyone is different. Just be smart enough to assess if it’s yielding a positive change or not after giving it sufficient time.


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The Mighty Stu

“Bottom line with any change is that you never know until you try. Less volume? Maybe your body will do well with more recovery time.”

Some individual (like myself) respond a lower volume of training with more frequent training sessions.

Other individual thrive on high volume training.

With take us back to Stu. The only way you find out is by test driving it.

Power Hypertrophy Upper Lower Body Training

Research by Dr Brad Schoenfeld (article can be found on this site) found increasing muscle mass is optimized by…

  1. Mechanical Tension: Limit Strength, 1 Repetition Max Training; performing load of 85% of 1 RM for set of 1 - 5 Repetitions.

  2. Metabolic Stress: This is The Pump. Moderate to Low Loads of 60% to 80% with Moderate to High Repetitions.

  3. Muscle Damage: In a Training Cycle, progressively increasing the Load or the Repetition in the final week of the cycle to failure or near failure in the movement.

Conjugate Strength Training Protocol

This means combining different type of Strength Training into the same program was the most effective. The Westside Training Program is all about this.

Dr Michael Zourdos determined training the following in the same Training Cycle elicited that greatest response…

  1. Hypertrophy Training Day

  2. Power Training Day: Power Training with traditional exercise (Squat, Bench, etc) occurs with load of 48 - 62% of your 1 RM. Set of 1 - 3 Reps are optimal.

  3. Limit Strength Training: Set of 1 - 3 Reps with 85% plus of your 1 RM.

Limits Strength Training or Hypertrophy Training

Essentially, the same protocol is utilized for to increase Limit Strength or Hypertrophy.

Where your focus is place determines your results.

Placing you primary focus on Limit Strength, increases you 1 RM.

Placing your primary focus on Hypertrophy, lead to more of an increase in muscle mass.

Cutting Calories

If your objective is to decrease you body fat and minimize muscle loss, you need to decrease you calorie intake by approximately 20% of you maintenance level.

If your objective is to increase muscle mass and minimize fat gain, you need to increase you calorie intake about 20% above your maintenance level.

Research (Norton and Ivy) found decreasing or increasing calorie intake for fat loss or muscle gain is the sweet spot for either maximizing fat loss and maintaining muscle mass or increasing muscle mass and minimizing fat gain.

Kenny Croxdale

Hello guys.
I need your guidance.

Watch my workout from

Monday - dumbbell Inclinate bench 6 sets 15 rep 20 kg

Dumbbell press bench 5 sets of 15 reps

Pec deck 6 sets 11 reps

incline press 5 sets 11 sets
biceps 3 exercises and shoulders 2 exercices

I work this program on the chest 2 times a week, 2 times back and one leg

as you can see, it’s pretty much, i would try to decrease volume, but I want to build muscles.
I eat somewhere at 3100 kcal, I am 64 kg and i do gym about one year.

If I want to reduce the volume, but that means I will not progress over the current volume, so I will not put my muscles anymore.

What can I do?

If I understand correctly, you’re looking for a way to produce progressive overload without increasing volume?

You could:

  • increase weight
  • increase reps
  • lift slower
  • decrease rest times
  • add intensity techniques like rest pause etc.

And by the way: I think you’ll get better results if you scrap the whole lot and do a program by an experienced trainer/coach.

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(Unless you’re phrasing this wrong) no no and no.

Who gave you this? You have 22 sets for chest on Monday…



Do 5/3/1 BBB or Fierce, or Starting Strength or Strong Lifts

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Hi guys. I need your advice, because im bulking by the beginning of November. I started in April with 63.4 kg. The problem is that until today, when I weighed on the empty stomach, I put only 0.4 kg (63.8).
I eat 3200 kcal, I will train from monday on 5/3/1 bbb.
What advice can you give me?

That’s how I eat one day

breakfast - 150g oatmeal, 25g pb, 2 apples - 868 kcal

Meal 2 - 300g potatoes with 3 eggs and vegetables + one apple — 818 kcal

meal 3- rice 50g, chicken breast 200g + broccoli 500 kcal

meal 4-pork with vegetables up to 3200 kcal

2 months 3200 kcal ---- 0,4 kg.

what can I do, by November I would have wanted at least 70 kg …
I try to avoid sodium and gluten, because i have puffy nipples from them…

I was about to offer some advice, but then I saw this. Calling troll.

Haha, i got it. i thought i have gyno, but my endocrinologist told me its just “fat”. Anyway, as i said, i have 63,8 fking kg. I was cutting 7 months – 78 kg to 63 kg. If i eat sodium >1000mg, i got water retention.

Btw, i d be intersted about your advice about my topic or, eventually, how to rid this shitty chest :frowning:


Idk if it’s just me, but your numbers do not add up whatsoever.

I just googled the numbers you put up, and did some basic math, so you’re either lying, or adding your numbers wrong, or you’re not being specific/detailed.

Meal 1: 150g of oatmeal = 102, 25g pb =147, 2 apples = 190. That’s only 439 calories.

Meal 2: 300g potatoes = 232, 1 apple = 95, 3 eggs =234. That’s 561 calories. Unless you’re somehow managing to shove 1.7 pounds worth of broccoli to into your face to make up for the 257 calorie deficit, or drizzling a bunch of oils and sauces over your food.

Meal 3: 50g rice= 65, 200g chicken breast = 330, you’re needing to eat roughly 500grams worth of broccoli to get the remaining calories in. So say you’re actually eating 500.

In total so far you’re at roughly 1500. That’s if you’re actually eating the allotted amount of food in meal 3.

So you’re saying for meal 4 you’re honestly eating 1,700 calories worth of pork and veggies?
Everyday? Even factoring in added sauces or oils, you’d still need to be drowning your food in it. I don’t even wanna sit with my calculator and do the rest of that shit to point out you’re inflating your numbers.

At Max I’m willing to bet you’re just at or around 2,000. More than likely less than that.

Edit: I’m just now seeing your picture, so I stand by my original point: There’s no way in fuck you’re eating 3200 calories of straight up veggies, rice, pork, potatoes, peanut butter, apples, and a shit ton of broccoli.


He is adding veggies to every meal to hit calories - at least this is, what I’ve concluded. It is literally as he tried to build muscle on veggies. Half of his daily intake is something many lifters don’t even count, when making diets.

Another thing is his goals and perceptions are totally unrealistic - 7 kg in few months? Yes, you can, if 90% is fat. I mean I don’t want to blast a beginner, but it literally takes 10 minutes in the Internet to figure out, what’s wrong here. Also gyno? Why would someone have gyno being clean? Nothing in this thread makes sense.

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Ok, since you’ve produced a photo and actually had a coherent response I’ll offer the following.

  1. You aren’t eating as much as you think. I’ve eaten 3200 calories a day, tracking by weighing everything. It was a lot more than what you listed. So, eat more. You could start by eating 25 per cent more for a month. If no gain, go to 50 per cent, and so on.

  2. Even if you are eating 3200 calories per day and you aren’t gaining weight, eat more. Maybe 4000 calories a day is what you need. Maybe 5000. Who knows?

In either case, you’re carrying little fat. Not much muscle either, but little fat. So, if you train well (and if you’re following BBB as Jim intends, you’re training well) and keep adding calories until you start gaining weight, you shouldn’t gain much fat.

  1. If you can add 0.5 to one kilo of lean mass every month, you’re doing very well.

Bingo! Great post. If you not gaining weight you are not eating enough, most likely you are no where near eating 3200.

But even if you are 100% spot on with your calculations the answer is still the same, eat more.


I can only imagine eating 3200 calories of the leanest cuts of meat and raw veggies/fruits, and needing to eat even MORE of that to keep gaining.

I’ve kept at 3000 in the past, but a Jack in the Box Burrito, Big Mac, or heavily sauced cuts of meat was involved to get me there. Just saying lol

As an idea

With whole milk? Is now.

Use 6 or more

Now 100g rice and 3 chicken thighs - you need calories.

Add high quality carb.

When I ran bbb I ate the below before sitting down to dinner with the wife and kids. Which was normally red meat and carbs.
6 eggs on toast
1 tin of baked beans
250g of fetta cheese
2 slices of toast
150g or rice (before cooking)
4 chicken thighs
Veg as much as I wanted

You don’t come close to that. Stop counting and just start shovelling.
If you get fat shovel less.
If you still struggle with your weight shoval more. Just keep the quality of the food high, work hard and keep an eye on the belly.

Ps - you eat egg and potatoes in the same meal?

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Hello. Thanks for the advice, I did not want to bother you. Look for a picture of what I ate yesterday, for example, to which you add another 400 kcal from the last meal (I did not take the picture). I count everything, so its alright.

I do not want you to understand me wrong, I want to be “big”, to eat ok and all, but I have this ugly chest and I got a little anxiety and phobia not to do uglier (after he looks like shit).

I apologize if I bothered you or anything, just wanted the advice of an experienced one. Thank you for answers! :slight_smile:

And yes, im eating potatoes with eggs. :smile:

Your chest looks like shit, because you are a very typical example of skinny fat. You don’t have much muscle there, yet you have some fat on your chest, so this gives you this boobs like look. Same goes for your waist - yes, it’s small, but you have fat there, so you don’t have any ab definition at 63 kg. I’d say you should lean down even more. Yes, you will most likely look like a skeleton. But trying to build muscles on a basis of fat is never a bad idea. And your chest will continue to look bad, even if you manage to build some muscle there, because it will still have an outline of fat (so no definition). Same goes for abs - you won’t have a 6-pack at 70 kg, if you don’t have even a mere 4 pack at 63 kg.