New Plan/What to Do in Future

Here is what I am planning on doing but I have a few questions. Right now I am 15 years old, 5’9, 153 pounds and 15% body fat. My best lifts include hex bar deadlift 390x1, barbell back squat 300x1, barbell bench press, 180x1, and barbell front squat 260x1. I just got off of a bulk and am thinkinh about leaning out getting below 11ish percent body fat and then going on a long term continous lean bulk with a very slight calorie surplus. I say this because I am a former fat boy, and am kind of afraid of getting over 15% body fat ever again, but I know at my age the best thing to do is to just eat a surplus of clean foods, lift heavy, and sleep. Any suggestions on what to do going forward would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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