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New Plan - What Do You Think?



This is my original topic with my picture and stats.

Tomorrow morning I am going to start this if people think I will benefit from it. For those who dont wanna look at the thread, im 250 and 5'10 have ALOT of fat to lose.

I was thinking of doing the T-Dawg 2 diet. For simplicity I would do the sample diet written out on the description.

For working out I want to start Chad Waterbury's total body training.

Is this a decent combination for somebody trying to lose weight while maintaining current/gaining more muscle?


Actually I think this is the perfect plan for someone in your position. This is a great combination and you should experience great results.


I would agree with that assessment



Training days I get 100grams carbs
Non training days I get 70 grams carbs

So on days that I do HITT I should still consume 70 grams?

Also, I think I read that you can subtract the fiber out of the carbs? So For example. My almonds have 9 grams of carbs. 2 of those are dietary fiber. So would I just count that as 7 grams? Or would it still be 9 grams.


I alwasy subtracted my fiber on the AD but on the T-Dawg I don't think an extra 10 or so carbs are gonna matter anyways. Mostly make sure you getting your EFA's and adequate protein and you'll be fine.

Also yes on HIIT days you limit your carbs to around 70-80g.


Great. Thanks guys. I am really looking forward to getting this started.


What the hell kind of almonds are you eating? Honey roasted? Sugar coated? Geez. Walnuts are a much better nut to eat for EFA's than almonds. I would recommend dropping the almonds altogether. Personally I would get all my EFA's from Flameout, but since I'm not a Biotest bitch I won't say that... oops.

Also on HIIT days, it would be ok to up your carbs some if need be, depending on your intensity. The last thing you want is to get too catabolic. Adding in 10-20 might be ok. The on days for T-Dawg could easily go to 120 if needed. The 70/100 split was just a guideline. Make sure you take in enough that you aren't hungry all the time and low on energy. If you are, you're sure to cheat and blow the diet.

Good luck!


Yup, Blue Diamond Honey Roasted almonds. I take about 8grams of Fish oil a day.. if thats enough then i will drop the almonds alltogether.


If you really like almonds go ahead and eat them, just get the roasted and salted kind, not the honey roasted. I know the honey roasted tastes better, but all you are really doing is adding unnecessary sugar.


yup, i was planning on getting plain next time. thanks for the advice. i may get walnuts


Something you might want to do is take a few pictures(front, back, side: fullbody view) every 3 months.To see your body change. After a year or 2 you will be glad. Lots of motivation, conversation piece, and you could even send a before & after pic into a mag like Mens Fittness/Mens Health.

Become a success story, talk up T-Nation, and I think those mags even pay you a little cash if they publish your story(Cant quite remember if they do? and I cant remember where I placed my latest issue of Mens Fitness).

Good luck,



I will be getting pictures. and as I quickly learned here.. wear shorts, not briefs. haha.


Just don't post them here if you are prone to crying fits or uncontrollable rage...


I can take constructive criticism. And all the comments I got when I posted were helpful in their own ways. The "ahh im blind" types of comments are just motivation, you know?


This is a good attitude to have. Remember this is the internet and sadly this message board isn't that much different than any other large online community. Some of the pointless arguements on this site remind me of stupid fanboys talking bout comic books or people argueing on Online Roleplaying game message boards about which charactor is better. You got some good helpful guys and then you got people who are all talk and like to be jackasses.Your body is a work in progress and as long as you stay motivated it always will be.Alot of people seem to forget this.


I am on several message boards and I know what your saying about online arguements.

One the forums that I am on(mostly automotive) there is always that handful of people who know their shit, and then there is the rest of the population that are just there to learn(like me). The problem is, the students try to teach other students. Then you get one big misinformationfest.

I like this board because it seems that most of the active members know their stuff. But I still know that alot of the stuff i read here can be B.S. so i need to research before I act on advice.


Just Planned out my week. Let me know what you guys think. I know that C.W mentions only using his list of excersizes, but my lack of equipment means I might have to improvise a little. Here is what I came up with. Critics welcome!

Incline Bench
Pulldowns w/ Pronated
Shoulder Press
Leg Press
Bicep Curl

30 min pre breakfast slow cardio
20 min HITT in PM

Flat Bench
Seated row
Straight Leg D.B Deadlifts
Calve Raises
Hammer Curls

30 min AM cardio
20 min HITT in PM

Decline Bench
Pulldowns Suppinated
Leg Curl
Dumbell Military Press
Tricep Extension
Goodmornings w/ Dumbbell

30 min AM cardio
20 min HITT PM.

Sun- Good rest day

Dinner on either Fri or Sat will probably be Chicken/Pineapple Pizza and Beer (Coors Light) as it is one of the nights my girlfriend spends the night in my dorm and its a time to celebrate the end of a week for us. We go to seperate schools.


Call it a cheat meal and don't worry about it.

As for getting good information, though you probably already have, acquaint yourself with the article library... most of the people here are generally trying to relate what the articles have said, but sometimes it gets a bit mangled.

Some of the guys around here have been at this game long enough that they have their own opinions on things, regardless of what the authors write, but that's part of what the site is about anyway...


Cheat meal it is- It can be a high carb day- just sucks that it will be a PM thing.

I love the search engine here because I can search past articles with ease. I have found that everything and then some has been discussed in an article. Problem is, sometimes I need somebody to help clarify some parts of it.


i don't know, one could easily argue that almonds are superior to walnuts. good idea to eat them both.