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New Plan - Right Idea?

HI think I’m on the right track, but please let me know otherwise…
Goals - pull 700, press 300, maintain 8’ broad jump, still working on conditioning goal.

Warm-up/jump rope/mobility
Jumps/Throws 15-20 reps/contacts
Day 1
Press/Dead 5/3/1
Push ups/Dips between sets of deads, pull ups/fat man rows between sets of press
FSL 5x5 superset press & deads
50 reps one leg work or abs (bwt only) going by feel/not programmed

Day 2
Same as above but bench/squat instead

1 day hard conditioning/Viking conditioning day

Other days mobility work, weight vest walk

Run for 6 wks, change template but keep principles.

Changes would be 5’s pro, widow maker instead of FSL or triumvirate.

Current levels have been more strongman oriented - 1005 yoke walk X 10’, 310 farmers X 50’, 18 wheeler X 50’

Input is appreciated,

Thank you for your time & especially to Jim for all of your time and contributions.

Forgot to add
5 cycles forward, then 3 back
Use first 2 cycles to ‘ramp up/build up’ then last three can be a challenge, etc.
Then 3 weeks of hitting the reps, but bar speed first, PR’s not primary concern…
Then start again with next cycle of 5 forward
Thank you all again

Since you didn’t get an answer I’ll offer my thoughts. What you have might be fine. I like the leader/anchor ideas. I’d set up 2-3 cycles with more of a volume-based approach with your loads in the 70-85% range, (so 5s pro + 5x5 SSL, or use BBS or some higher volume supplemental work for 1-2 lifts that you want to give a little more focus to, or that respond better to more volume). Then 1-2 anchor cycles with heavier barbell work, so 5/3/1+PR sets and/or Jokers, or Beyond, and FSL supplemental. I would keep conditioning easier for the leader period, and ramp that up for the anchor period.

If you are training for strongman I’d focus more on events in the anchor phase. This latter point is conjecture though, I have no experience training or competing in strongman.

This is helpful, much appreciated!

Thank you for your time!