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New Plan, Need Help


Alright, since I've got alot of negative feedback on the way I look.. I had to deliberate with myself about 'bulking' up again..

I was wondering a good bulk up plan that can help me and give some clue as to what to eat and when to eat it sorta deal..

Also since I've also got alot of negative feedback on my split.. I was wondering what is a good workout routine posted by the Authors here.. that will give me like the total body sorta deal.. one that can help me develop traps, shoulders, chest, legs, ABS, back- upper and lower

I thank you so much for help me earlier on my workout plan and ask that I could get some more so I can get bigger and a better body..

Thanks alot T-Nation


I'd go with the Massive Eating/Massive Eating Reloaded plans for the food intake. Directions, eat whenever you're hungry (if not hungry make sure you miss no more than 3 hrs between meals). If I remember correctly, you said you were overweight before. To avoid this, just make sure you're doing a "clean bulk" off of the recommended macronutrient profiles.