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New Place - Horrible Workouts


Ok guys I moved to Athens in Mid August to finish my second degree (rec and leisure). Ever since I got here I can't sleep and its really effecting my workouts. What I mean by that is, I'm still strong or stronger than before I moved....but mentally I'm just not there when I workout. This is the worst slump I've ever experienced. Any advice you guys have for getting me back on the right track?

I mean it's like I did 405 for 6 reps (squat) a personal best yesterday and I really didn't even get the benefit of enjoying it...


Take a few days off. Chill and eat right. The come back when the passion is there.


Athens, Greece?

I dunno man, i watch old Kevin Levrone vids to get me in the zone. There was one part where he said "This is my gym, you see that flag up there (American flag) that flag just reminds me that people are out there dying for me, for us, so i can come in here and do this all day. so many people sacrifice themselves so we can live here peacefully, and that really gets my head in the game when I'm feeling sluggish etc. "

Ever since then, I often use a motivational tool like that.

My father has a medical condition where he can't do extremely strenuous work like working out, but he still busts his ass at work (a very physical job) to feed my family and keep the bread on the table. That is motivation for me, to be more like my dad. To work past the flaws of every day life and just put them behind you. God gave us great talent and an amazing, beautiful world for us to live in, and we take a lot for granted.

That inspires me to keep pushing hard at everything i do, especially under the bar, so i hope you can find something to do the same for you.


Athens,Ga sorry about that yea UGA not Greece lol


Lol it's all good. Keep in mind what i said and just remember to always push yourself. And if you ever need any support, you know were all here for ya.


It's probably just the stress of the move. Being uprooted like that can take a while before you start to feel like you belong in your new home. Give it time.


Is everybody else at that gym stronger than you? Hahaha. Because when i go to an unfamiliar gym, i like to ramp up my weight and feel alpha with it.


if you just moved there you should take a small break to adjust.

chill on it, get back to it on monday

its like being the "new kid" at school lol

your brain works but the body hasnt grown used to the new setting


if lack of sleep is hurting workout happiness, then I'd recommend sleeping more.

If you are having trouble sleeping more, is it just due to the school schedule or what?


I'm pretty strong compared to the 34,000 frat boys here at UGA.....but its like my body has switched to sleeping during the day and using that as a fall back, I've tried melatonin with no success. I think it could be diet related since my workout has been typically later about 9-10 and then I can't unwind because of the post-workout carbs and insulin rush etc. I think I may be looking for a better time to workout during the mid day to avoid that though.


When you get to the gym, yell loudly YEEEEEEAH BUDDY



then smash some reps, and say 'THANK GOD FOR PURE NATURAL STRENGTH'


you'll be in the zone + HUGE in no time>



I've been working out late and getting my post workout shake about 10 could that have something to do with it cause I'm trying to re-work my schedule so I'm working out midday instead.....also when I wanna sleep during the day should I keep myself awake instead to kinda condition my body?