New Piece of Equipment for Garage Gym?

Looking at either a strongman yoke or a reverse hyper. Would you recommend one over the other?

What other pieces of equipment do you CURRENTLY have ?

What are you currently working towards ? Olympic , Power or Strongman ?

Need this info to make a well informed choice.

I don’t compete in anything per se, but i have specific short term and long term strength goals and conditioning goals. My training philosophy is basically power body building with conditioning work.

Both have their advantages and drawbacks and wondered if any of you have preferences between the two. Assume they are roughly the same cost and that I understand these are both “icing on the cake” purchases for the gym.

Some background:

I have never used a yoke before but really enjoy loaded carries, particularly in any season that doesn’t have snow. I currently have a Strongman Frame, farmers walk implements, atlas stone/sandbags and a husafell stone. I also have a prowler and a sled with a couple 100 feet of 2 inch rope. The Yoke would just give a little variety to the loaded carries but i don’t know how well it would do in the winter here in Michigan. I do loaded carries 2-4 times a week from spring to fall depending on my current goal(s).

I have only used a reverse hyper twice in my life and liked it. I think my lower back and posterior chain could always be stronger/better conditioned. I have tweaked my lower back twice over the last three years and do believe that if i work harder to strengthen this area my overall lifting longevity would be extended. I do have a regular hyperextension bench and a GHD. So again this would prob be redundant and “nice to have for variety”. But I do think this would become a higher frequency of use machine similar to my dip bars or pull up bar.

If you have the GHD /GHR and farmers walk equip and a prowler, I would look into
the Reverse Hyper but also a Safety Squat Bar.

you can use it as a Yoke bar by adding chains and weights to the collars and securing
them in place using the Croc Collars that a certain badass elite company sells.

Not to mention. when I rotate in my SSB for a 12 week cycle i usually come out about 8#
stronger on my normal squats. I am a solid intermediate lifter.

Have a SSB and love mine. So reverse hyper has your vote!

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Unless you have plans to compete in strongman, I don’t see a whole lot of value in getting a yoke. This has absolutely nothing to do with me holding a grudge against the yoke because it ruptured my ACL and my meniscus (maybe a little grudge) but more just value. If you’re already doing loaded carries, the yoke doesn’t add a whole lot more, but meanwhile it can REALLY beat you up with how much it loads your body.

If you get one of those all in one yokes that also can be a squat rack, farmers and a frame, that’s a different animal, but a vanilla yoke for a non-competitor doesn’t make much sense to me.

Reverse hyper is awesome. Ever gym should have one. No matter what your goals, it will help.

Also, for something cheap to add some variety to your loaded carries, think about a keg. Dirt cheap, nasty, and can be used for pressing too.

Just to clarify, this is known as a “chain yoke”, which, though really awesome, doesn’t have a whole lotta carryover to a yoke. Absolutely better than nothing, but really a different animal.

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