new picture

hey guys i just thought id post my new picture… i posted one last year… ive since gained 25 pounds…im still 17 almost 18 im now 235 14% bodyfat… 6 foot 2

you’ve got the thickness alright, especially in your back. don’t know what your goals are in terms of bodyfat % but congrats on gaining that 25 lbs. keep it up…

Well, my friend, it looks like you have the genetics to take bodybuilding, or any other sport, as far as you have the ambition to go. I certainly wish I could boast stats like that, good job and keep up the hard work!

Good job man! Are you still planning on walking on next year as a fullback for U of Michigan? (that was you wasn’t it?)

Put some pants on.

Great job! Apply the work ethic you have for this sport in other areas and you can do anything you like. Good luck to you.

yeah im a preffered walk-on at michigan STATE as a fullback… i hope i can do some damage!

From a football standpoint it looks like you have the size to play good ball.

As a bodybuilder, big arms and thickness in the back but you don’t have the length in the lats, or size in the chest. best thing for that is chin ups/pull ups, and weighted dips. If your not doing them you could easily add another 5 lbs with proper eating, plus it’ll really improve your strength.
Congrats on the mass gain, and good luck next year.

Good work. Your still quite lean - easilty lean enough to continue bulking so keep hanging around the kitchen and youll be a hit.

Where the old one to compare??

this is last years photo… i was about 210

Spencer, do you mind me asking you if you’re natural? In “natural” I include creatine, prohormones, “prosteroids” and other supplement companies mumbo-jumbo that is FDA approved and will not cause DEA to raid your premises. Great results anyway, keep doing whatever you did so far, you have a bright future in front of you.

yeah im natural… you gotta see my brother… he is 5 foot 5 … he wrestles for michigan state… hes 160 with 6 % bodyfat… he really looks like hes on something… lots of people think im on… but ive been lifting for a while now and using all advice from my bro and especially from here helps tremendously

Once again, keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

nice work… smile