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New pics

Since I’ve dropped from >190# to <178# in the last (20) days I thought I’d post a couple of progress pics. I’m doing JMB’s protocol for fat loss and I’m using Methoxy7, MD6, T2, and Tribex. Critique… http://communities.msn.com/ WeightliftingWorkingOut/lipospics.msnw?Page=1

Page doesn’t show up… did you type it right?


Great progress; the cuts are really coming in. I think you’d be getting more comments, except the URL needs to be adjusted prior to pasting it into the browser (often happens on the forum). Everyone: delete the space prior to “Weightlifting.” Again, great job and congratulations. By the way, how tall are you?

Looking good bro! Your arms don’t look small at all. At 178, you look good. How tall are you? From the picture, I would think you are heavier.

Eric - Thanks. I’m 5’10" (and 38). I know I’m going to end up really light by T-mag standards but I think being lean is more important (right now anyway).

Thanks Nate. Most folks guess my weight to be about 200#. Kinda funny actually.

You look much better now at 178 than you did at 190- As far as size goes you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished…believe it or not you look bigger even though you’re lighter because your muscles are more defined now… keep up the good work!!!

The hard work is paying off. Keep it up.

You look good Lipo. Keep it up.

DUDE!! Bien fait, Lipo…you’re looking great, my man. The shape and definition of your back is really coming through, and the front double bi shows a lot of promise. Keep up the good work et bon chance!

Thanks everybody. Means a lot. I’m ‘refueling’ this weekend then I’ll drop out the cals again next week. I’m unsure how long you can do this without getting into lbm loss. I’ve added Androsol (am only) but I’d really like to get down to 170#. I expect to rebound though.