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New Pics; T1 Diabetic, Liftaholic


Height: 5'11"
Current Weight: 184 lbs
Lifting Stats ---
Bench: 300; Deadlift: 445; Squat: 335; P.Clean: 245


more pic


another, best back shot i got =)


I'd give you a 10 for facial expressions.


1 more ... sorry took a sec to get it up, needed a leg shot. edited for self-sanctity. =P



(sorry couldnt help myself) Nice nips


Think about what she said. Kinky situation.


last time i got responses saying i should put up some back/leg shots. i have to have fun taking the pics though. =)


and besides what do you have GetSwole? kinky situations are often better than sterile situations. and play my words whatever, the pics represent a quality performance.


--- edit




Blowing kisses in a pose is a new one for me...then again, so is posing with a joint in one hand


I have questionable nips as well. Also kinky if you ask me. Dont get your painted on panties in a wad, only rufflin your feathers.

Shizen, you seen the "my new haircut"-haha guido appreciation. Youtube it if u havent seen it.


hah this thread is ridiculous...


haha i look guido eh? i'm not at all. at least in how i dress/talk/act. i'm not from NY, never been there actually but my grandfather was born/raised in manhatten. although i look more like him than anyone in my family. so i guess i am kind of then. i cut my hair short because it curls like a mofo when it gets the slightest bit long.

that's not a kiss either man; it's hogan-esque lol.....


it gets worse.


You Squat 35 more pounds than you bench?


i've got long arms so i'm not "built to bench press" - they're like 2-3 inches longer than they should be, if you follow the arm span should be equal to height rule.
plus i don't lift with spotters much so obviously bench pressing for high maxes is not a top priority.


lol the point to the 35 pounds more then you bench post was to point out that your squat sucks and your obviously doing bench with full force and squat half-assed.


U dont look Like a 300lbs bench kind of guy. But hey, sometimes you can never tell. Not bad, minus the joint. Entertaining to say the least.