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New Pic of Alexey Lesukov


Shelby Starnes just posted this pic, I think it's new.

Holy crap.

I think he's 22-23 now?


jesus fuck


He looks awesome!

I just wish he would grow a beard or something just so it didn't look like a little boys face on such a huge body.


Jesus Christ. That dude has so much muscle he appears to have grown an extra ab.


Bloody hell!




Bwahahahaa.....its true lol


WTF.... That's it, I quit...


he actually appears to be missing an ab, lol... probably went straight to his biceptz


I'm countin' 7, so I'm going with "grew a new one". At the rate he's going he'll have 3 more by the end of the year.


Hahah wow! I hope he makes it to the O stage one day.


just so you know, lol...


Just saw that Shelby posted that, the guy is a genetic freak!


hopefully he wins the overall at the arnold amateurs this year to get his pro card

annoying how the guy who won it ahead of him didn't even take up the pro card apparently


I think Alexey stated that he's not doing arnold. He don't feel ready to go pro or something. But more likely he will do Arnold Europe.


Such a dense look, and on such a relatively young guy... his potential is just unreal.




Dude is a freak though, even if he's short an ab. I think you're right though- his bicep probably ate it on a day when he accidentally only ate 400g of proteinz.


well i guess i have been slacking as this guys is the same age as me.

Damn you parents for not special genetics and damn myself for not being serious since i was 14 like i could have been.


clearly the roidz


It adds to the freakiness.

It kind of says "Hi! I'm five years old and already bigger than you'll ever be."