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New Phosphatidic Acid Study



So 750mg PA is useless?

“The supplement we used was a commercial product containing 750 mg of Mediator PA.”


That study trained 3 days per week

This older study trained 4 days and had positive results


Yes but isnt that study supported by ChemiNutra?the owners of Mediator


yep. they supplied the grant

there was also a 2nd study



Honestly, I am.one who tried Micro PA when it came out and I have tried different doses:

750mg= it did nothing for me
1.5g= things began to happen
3g= amazing musclefullness,strength,size , appetite ++


never tried it.


I have been doing Lecithin granules (1.2g PA) and have seen huge gains in strength, some weight gain, overall vascularity. I haven’t tried 3g…but maybe I should.


Hey MM (or anyone) do you know if Sunflower Lecithin also has PA in it?


those things are like pure omega 6 so take that into account mate



appears it does have it in it.


damn. that would be a no-go then lol


I see now after taking another look at the label. Sad I didn’t look at it before cause I was solely concerned with phosphatidic acid. My blood work didn’t come back abnormal when I got it done, but it is something to take into account, especially if I plan on using gear. But damn it seems to work so well!


Just take more Omega 3’s


My thoughts as well.