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New Phone: Treo vs PPC-6700


I will be in the market for a new phone here shortly.

I once had the treo 650 but returned it after 2 weeks. Everyone told me I sounded like I was in a toilet.

I want to think the treo 700 or ppc-6700 will not have this problem.

Curious to hear other peoples experiances with these phones.

Also what is the differance b/w treo 700p and treo 700wx.


I'll be in the market soon myself and was looking at the 700's also. My understanding is that they're very similar phones, except for the operating systems. One uses Windows while the other runs Palm OS. I guess it just comes down to personal preference. I can't extend much advice I suppose, but let us know if you buy one and what you think of it.


Go to Cingular and get the new 8525 or Samsung BlackJack forget the treo's they are POS's and audiovoxes are the absolute worst they do everything to not repair/replace your device they give you this shite as epoxy damage. I've been selling phones for 5 years, worked for every major carrier Sprint TMO, Verizon and now Cingular. Any further questions feel free to PM me and I will give you all the geek aspects you need


I've thought about leaving sprint. As my contract is up.

But here is why i'm sticking with them.

About 4 yrs ago, Sprint was having a heck of a deal. I heard it mentioned several times on the radio but that was it. Nothing in the paper or other media. Anyways. It wasn't realy advertised and only was available for a couple weeks. But my nights start @ 6pm. Not 7 not 9. 6!

Whenever I look @ phones @ sprint they all tell me it used to be 9pm and now it 7pm. I tell them my plan start @ 6pm. They say I'm full of B.S. I have them look it up in my account and boom there it is. Nights start @ 6pm.

Thats why i stick with sprint


They still offer 6pm nights, however, here at least Sprint is lousy and doesn't work very well


I've had good success with sprint.
Knock on wood.
Never once had a dropped call in 5 yrs. Always in a sprint area. Rarely ever out of sprint area.

My only grip is customer service sux


if your not starting a new plan, get your phone from CRAIGSLIST. i had to replace my work phone since i dropped it in my fish tank this week( i should have lied about that part). anywho they have tons of great phones at way below what you would pay retail. good luck


The 6700 is going away.
I would stay away from windows phones if I were you. Very hard to troubleshoot. I work in the industry and would say unless you really need a phone with all the bells and whistles get a good basic Sanyo.


Agreed. I work for a large company that will not allow us to use the windows based Treo due to the issues it has had and because it would cost a few hundred thousand dollars to change our servers, so everyone has the Treo 700p and most everyone has had good luck with it.


I have a 700P, Palm OS as opposed to Windows, the w\wx. Wife had a 6700. (Hated it).

For me, the 700P cannot be beat. It is probably the single best PDA\Phone I have owned. The fact that I hate windows mobile, or windows in general, is probably one of the reasons, but the Treo is just a great device. For a combo, it's got a great form factor, has been very reliable, and has better phone reception than even dedicated phones I have had. Couple that with all the features and stability of the Palm OS, and I don't think you can go wrong.

I'm also with Sprint, and have been for over 5 years. I don't think I"ve ever dropped a call, and there data plans are simply amazingly affordable. I'm grandfathered, but basically I pay $15 bucks a month for unlmited data, which is now EVDO speed with the 700P. Yeah, watching streaming video is kinda cool, LOL.

Anyway, I vote for the Treo. Great device.