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New Peptide IGF-1 DES 1-3


There are a few new peptides around at the moment, and there is some decent literature out there at the moment, but a real shortage of practical experience and logs from real people, anyone on here with much experience, would love your input....

Obviously with a decent AAS cycle anyway, my peptides run along with CJC + GHRP-6, however I'm now using IGF-1, now many people are aware of IGF-1 and the Lr3 compound I'm talking about a new shorter ester, 67 amino acids instead of 85 if my memory serves me right, called IGF-1 DES 1-3, this has a very short half life in the region of 2-3 mins, and a greater affinity for receptors, therefore the effects are extremely localised, bringing me to it's use, specific areas for targeted growth....

So any thoughts on doses (mcg) and timing of dosing, pre/post WO etc, and any personal experience with the peptide much appreciated....


I used IGF-1 (des) still am as a matter of fact. Only for about another week. I used it while not on a AAS cycle but started a cycle 3 weeks ago.

I think it?s a decent peptide I did bilateral injections on the muscles I trained that day and use post workout. I only live 5 min from the gym so I took as soon as I got home. I actually gained about a half inch on my arms and noticed a bit of a reduction in body fat (not sure if that was the peptide but diet never changed much). I think the best part of IGF is it ability to cause hyperplasia (splitting of cells) your body only has a defined amount of muscle cells but this peptide may give you the opportunity to grow more.
Storage of the stuff is a real bitch how are you storing it after you recon it?


oh ya i used 40mcg at the start and then bumped it up to 80mcg I can't tell the difference in effect between the 2 doses tho. Usually more is better but I'm not sure thats the case with this stuff


yes sounds good, i'm storing it after reconstituting it in the fridge, which seems ok for now, but obviously im talking 2-3 days at my doses per vial.....

will be focusing on my biceps and vastus medialis with the IGF-1 DES as weakpoints i want to bring up before next year...


more isnt always better. I read up recently on these and found that for the short duration ones, they are obviously more localized and the half life is very short. thus, there is no time to have it move to other areas of the body, it remains localized for its lifespan and only targets the local receptors. If you over do it, you are just wasting it since once the receptors are tagged, doenst matter what the rest does but float around. The real issue is when you use the longer life peptide. You will pin it locally and any overages will spill over to other parts of your body. since the intestines have a high number of IGF-1 receptors, you dont want any huge spill to find its way to them, necessarily, so some over spil is fine but you still ahve to watch it. Being more conservative with the IGF-1 peptides is probably not a bad rule to follow.... I was considering the same peptide you are looking to take during pct.


i just came across some... was paid for a job i did with it... i know nothing about it... and know next to nothing about peptides other than they are fast acting and localized.... i was told to inject like HGH, into a skin fold on the belly.. obviously i need to do alot of hw on this before i start.


good luck finding the real stuff. tests done on compounds from a number of pep companies have shown that their compounds contain absolutely no amount of the claimed substance.. some companies even use insulin in their "des"

IIRC, it should be shot peri-workout as it reacts with lactic acid. shooting it post workout may interfere with your natural mgf

it is systemic but the effects seem localized because the active life is so short.

Des is incredibly powerful, but it would cost hundreds per mg to get the real thing. Should be shot bi lateral in the muscles being trained IIRC


you clearly read the same newsletter I do...


if you're talking about anasci then yes I do read that but this is from somewhere else


So the IGF-1 DES 1 3 1200MCG VIALs on research chemical sites are not real?

Did you answer on another forum topic something about insulin is still worth running if they didn't have hgh?


I highly doubt that you will be able to find legitimate DES or lr3 for that matter for less than several hundred dollars per mg.

and yes, insulin is effective even when someone isn't taking GH.. the two have great synergy but are effective solo.


like i said, i was paid for a job i did with it, i believe this to be the real thing because of who paid me. i was only give 1mg, and it would have been a couple hundred dollars of work.