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New Pellet User, Gaining Weight. Help?

Hey guys, I’m a first time poster and there seems to be quite a bit of knowledge here. I went in for testosterone pellets 2 weeks ago. My levels were at 350 prior to the pellets. I’ve always been 175-180 lbs…lift weights 4 times per week. Since my pellets, I’ve gone up to 187 lbs and have been on a very restricted caloric intake since the pellets. Anyone know if this is normal? I understand there is potential water gain the first 2 weeks but it seems l go up 1/2 to 1 pound a day. I really want to be lean and feel I’m going in the wrong direction.

It’s probably water. Don’t freak out just yet. Besides, the Dr would have to pull them out and that wouldn’t be pleasant.

Stop staring at the scale and focus on how you actually feel. I’ve had pellets before. They were ok, especially based on convenience but you need to consider shots in the near future

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I am sure with enough money and a good surgeon, pellets could be removed. But all doctors will tell you that “pellets aren’t removable”.

This is an older post but I missed it when it hit the board. I also gained weight on pellets, but not until I was on them for 4-5 months.

any update on your weight?