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New PB Press, 435 @ 184.7lbs


I had the slingshot and wrist wraps on.


Is there a video


Yes, place your cursor on the second pic, click on the play button in the bottom left hand corner of the pic.


Flat or Decline?
Do you normally use a narrow hand spacing?


wat is PB press

wat is decline

wat is why the hell would you not get a hand off?


PB- Personal Best aka PR
Decline- Are you being serious?


That was a decline press, and I typically have my hands spaced that distance apart. Anything wider and I tend to lose power.


Ah. I've never seen it written that way. I still don't see any pressing here.


Not impressed. The wrist wraps obviously gave you a good 200 lbs


You had me going for a sec there when you said "press". I assumed you meant OHP and was thinking, "no freakin' way". Still quite a solid decline bench, though.


Strong especially at your body weight but quite misleading title, I would have gone with "New PR on decline bench with sling shot" to be more accurate


Lol same. I thought he was talking about a 435lb standing strict overhead press at a body weight of 185. I was wondering if we had discovered the real life superman.


I was hoping to see an insane OHP too.

Still a pretty impressive bench.


sorry guys, did not mean for the mis communication. if I could over head press 435lbs at 184lbs, I would probably be in some sort of circus freak show, lol.


same, but nice decline bench with a sling shot, never seen that combo before.


How much are you getting out of the slingshot?


I hit 385lbs raw on decline in Februay this year. Since then I have been training with the slingshot only. Going for a personal best of 440lb with it on next week. Will report back with a vid.