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New PB in Deadlift

I decided this week I’ll test my 1RM in each of the power lifts (bench, squat and DL) today I did deadlift (conventional) and got 150kg (330lb) RAW as my 1RM. Why I thought I’d share is because for me this is amazing since 6 weeks ago my max in the lift was 130kg (286lb).

I put this relatively large increase down to two factors the way I tested my 1rm and Sumo Squats. 6 weeks ago when I last tested my DL I did too many reps (about 5) for too many sets close to my 1rm, so this time I started with 3 reps and once I went over 100kg just did singles, and I also increased my rest periods from 90s to 120s (with a 180s rest before my final attempt).

Also since then I was on Chad Waterbury’s ABBH program and as my DL variation exercise I used sumo squats (which I have never done before) and I think that the volume of DL in the program helped bring up some supporting muscles that I don’t use much that are used a bit more in the sumo variation.

So if you were already exhausted before your 1st 1RM test a while back, how do you know you couldn’t have lifted 330 then if you were fresh?

I wasn’t exhausted on my first test, but rather; fatigued more since I did more reps on the lighter sets and say sets of 3 when I was 20kg out from my max (I never realised how quickly the bar goes from “easy to lift” to “alot of effort to lift”). Also in ABBH the day you do DL you do 10x3 progressing to 10x5 and I have never done that kind of volume with DL so obviously alot of my gain (maybe all?) was due to motor learning. Previously I had only ever deadlifted once a week typically 5x5.