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New Pause Squat PR. 430. How's My Depth?

I did 3sets of 1 with this. I felt good today, so I went for a PR. I didn’t push the weight after hitting a new record.

How’s my form?


You’re about an inch above parallel. You also rush too much, let the weight settle and take a breath before you start to descend. You went down as soon as you set your feet.

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Solid work man. Always super cool to see someone move anything over four plate. I would advise to get a tad lower, and also when unracking bar, work on getting right into position. I noticed you kinda move around and fix your feet with the bar on your back, try and work on stepping right out into your squat position, it’ll take way less energy.

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Judging squat depth via video is always tough just because of perspective and angles and such. Honestly I think the depth was fine. One red light maybe.

That’s the issue I had, too. At my gym, we have amazing equipment, but it’s crowded. So, trying to find a good camera angle where someone won’t knock your phone over, can be hard at times

I tried to post video but it says my format isnt approved. How did you post?

Upload to YouTube, and copy and paste the link

The camera angle is fine, depth is borderline at best.

Is it somehow easier in person when you can’t replay or pause?

Thank you to everyone who replied. I’m new to PL and I’m still dialing in my technique