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New P.R.


Power cleaned 250 at 180 bodyweight today. Yelled a little bit, I was kinda excited. It seemed to scare the locals.


Oh yeah, and just for the record I'm 18 years and four months old. Gonna try some decathlon this spring, but I've gotta work on the whole jumping hurdling pole vault thing.


Nice! Post a vid next time if you can!
I am right at your heels, but weigh 5-10 lbs. more.


great PR man!

for the record, we on Earth typically stop recording months at 18 ... 18 months ... then we just use years!




I know... Sorry, I picked that up from my Dad who proudly says he is 49 and a half years old. BTW, how do you post a video? I'll try to put some on of my squat max that I'm gonna try on Friday.