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New Overhead PR's


Hit some new prs the other day.
300lbs strict press

385 pushpress out of the rack

405 pushpress missed

For some reason I can press better after a clean. So i figured id work a little out of the rack. If you see any form corrections feel free to tell me.


Crazy strong mate, good work. How much are you weighing?


Damn I was all happy with my 225 strict press that I did last night....

Nice job man!


Im at about 285 290 at 5'9 i want to get down to about 275 tho

Thanks for the comments


nice starting power..


Heres a 210 db clean and press I hit a couple of weeks ago. Its not a circus db though. I have trouble with balancing it on my shoulder with one arm. Again if theres anything form wise you see please let me know


and i dont think the 405 worked so here it is again