New, Over 50 Workout Enthusiast

Hi all, new member here.
58 year old male, 6-3, 183. I have been working out, running, some yoga, for many years.
I was never a hard core lifter, I’m not built that way. I have always been hooked on working out.

During my 30’s and 40’s, my body fat was around 8% when working hard. Now, it is more like 12%, and loosing fat is more difficult. I have always eaten healthy (most of the time, I do have cheat days, and holidays). The heaviest I ever was, I weighed 205 after I got married, and my wife went on a cooking binge. I was horrified and lost the fat, and never approached 190 again until the last year.

Last fall I started taking a supplement for the first time, creatine. I would say it absolutely increased my strength, and the ability to get a pump.

I hope to read about/talk with other people my age who are still very into working out.

Take care,

Welcome to the old folks’ home.

Welcome, Ray! Cue the Lawrence Welk music . . .

Thanks EyeDentist

[quote]EyeDentist wrote:
Welcome to the old folks’ home.[/quote]

Cavalier, he even pre-dates me. Early Beatles, that works

[quote]cavalier wrote:
Welcome, Ray! Cue the Lawrence Welk music . . .

Actually, I’m one year younger than you. My dad watched Lawrence Welk. But it’s fun to tell the whippersnappers “I remember when the Beatles were considered radical!”

Welcome Ray F,
Hope you can find some answers to your questions here. I discovered this site several years ago and have sampled some of their products. I must say after trying a few, I was hooked. Quality and a fair price supplements, and training information you won’t find elsewhere.

Good luck in your workout goals and if needed feel free to ask questions here about training and supplements. Biotest make some, if not the very best to assist with your bodybuilding goals!!

T-Nation has been a desk top 2 click icon since 1998. I remember when “GROW” came in individual packages and MAG-10 came with a dosing syringe.
That was 15 or so years ago .
I realized that at the time being over 50 was not a target demographic but the sups and the advice just get better and better.

I’ve just retired and will be 66 next month. and am STILL a
Resistance Training Enthusiast.
At 5’ 10" and 180 I made what I got from here motivate me to never go over that.
Having more time for working out isn’t the answer : It’s working smarter , more effectively and doing more (Flameout e.g. ) to manage recovery.

I do miss the what was a staple Friday night read, The Atomic Dog. Try a search, always good . . .
So now you gotta be your own atomic dog. This is the place to HOWL . .
again, welcome. now get moving . . .