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New Orleans

I was working as a cop in New Orleans when the disaster hit. I was trapped with 22 other brave officers. We barracked ourselves in and withstood assautls for 7 days and nights until we were lifted out by helicopter. It wasn’t pretty and no disaster movie ever made shows the real side of what happens. I took a bottle of HOT-ROX with me when I reported to work before the disaster. One of the best moves of my life and I mean my life. When we were totally exhausted and needed a pick me up there was the bottle of HOT-
ROX. We didn’t sleep for those 7 days -only rested. I don’t know if I can go as far as saying HOT-ROX helped save my life as well as other officers, but I’ll never take the chance. HOT-ROX will be a part of my food supply for life because it helped sustain my life in the most unimaginable circumstances ever.
Curt Snow

If I was thirsty and starving for 7 days, I wouldn’t even think of taking a thermogenic that is known for speeding up your metabolism, but that’s just me.

The only thing I would do with them in that situation would be to feed them to rats for entertainment, then eat the rats.