New Orleans This Weekend

Taking wife and 22 year old daughter to to NOLA Friday thru Monday. Been there once before. We have a fan boat tour scheduled and reservations at K Paul’s Cajun Kitchen. Gonna hit up Harrahs and the nice bars. Staying away from Bourbon st. Anybody have any other suggestions? Any local boys that can give me an inside scoop?

Why? It’s not that crazy outside of Mardi Gras - it has slightly more foot traffic than the rest of the French Quarter but it’s nothing to really avoid imo.

I mean don’t go if you don’t want to, but it’s nothing to actively avoid

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Been there before. Smelled like puke and piss. Nothing I really need to see. I guess I’m getting old

Understandable … that is a true statement in my experience with Bourbon St.

There’s a river walk and a Jax brewery that has been converted to a mall-like thing. It’s kind of cool (the river walk at least).

If you like BBQ then go to Central City BBQ. It is not far from the French quarter and is really good. New Orleans has a really nice zoo if you like that sort of thing. You can do a combo pass for the zoo and the aquarium for around $40. The aquarium is right off the river in the French quarter and the zoo is about 10 minutes away. If you like cold brew coffee PJ’s is a good place to go and they are easy to find. Pick up some chocolate pralines while you are there. They are great.

Wander around the Garden District. Beautiful, historic homes (Anne Rice’s mansion, among others), shopping/eating on Magazine Street, and District Donuts is a must.

Also, if you’re into Doctor Who, there’s a bar called The Crown & Anchor in Algiers Point that has a Tardis for a front door.

DUDE. I had a girlfriend who went to Tulane and she used to take me to this place, The Camellia Grill. Looks like a hole-in-the-wall, but has THE MOST LEGENDARY BURGERS EVER. Just a small place, with seating at the counter while they grill the burgers in front of you. GO THERE AND REPORT BACK.

The Camellia Grill, 626 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118

Thanks brother. We are staying in the French Quarter and our hotel is in a locked lot. Not doing any driving so far but tomorrow we are going to the airboat tour, maybe we can try to find it.