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New Orleans - Is It Safe?


I have wanted to go to New Orleans for a few years now and after just fishing the 1st series of Treme (we're a bit behind in the uk) I would like to get this booked up soon.
However my girlfriend is not so keen, questioning the safety of the city.

I have lived in the states and since moving back have been on holiday to quite a few cities, my thinking is New Orleans is the same as any other city.
Use your street smarts and always know where you're going and how to get back.

My question to those who live there or have visited there recently, would you recommend it and if so, what time of year would you say is best?

I am thinking of incorporating New Orleans into a 2/3 location vacation so any ideas of other places I can consider would be appreciated.


Why New Orleans?


I'm born and raised in New Orleans...yes it's dangerous if you don't use your head! People will try to hustle you constantly..."I betchoo I know where you got yo' shoes" or people will come up with a sad story trying to get money. Use your head and be very street smart.

It's a lot of fun and the music and bar scene is lively every single night of the week! But yes people will try to take advantage of tourists. Just tell them no and keep walking and don't let anyone try to shine your shoes or try to shake your hand or ask for bus money, etc. Good luck have fun be safe.


Music and the food mainly. Just one of the places I would like to go. Boston, Miami and Hawaii are also on my list of places that I have yet to visit in the states.


There are great parts and there are dangerous parts, just like any other big city.

I was there about four months ago and loved it. Are there some parts that are very sketchy? Yes, of course. Are there some parts with unbelievable culture, food, and overall flavor? 100$ yes. The French Quarter is awesome.

Want a biased suggestion? Go to San Francisco instead.


Don't piss in the streets and don't get in fights and you're pretty much golden. Stay in the French quarter and remain pseudo coherent and you'll be fine.


Thanks west coast, I used to live 20 miles from San Francisco and would place it as my favourite city in the world. My feelings on New Orleans are the same as liquidmercurys'.
Don't act like a foolish twat and you'll be fine.

Any suggestions for a city to combine New Orleans with? I thought Las Vegas, probably about 3 hours flight away. I seem to always try and find ways of including Vegas in my holidays though.


OP,Ever heard of the "60 Day Law"?


Yeah, it's safe in the tourist areas. I've traveled around to 30+ States in the US and have probably got drunk in as many cities. I've been to NO 3 times and never had in issues on Bourbon Street or the French Quarter. I'd say it's may favorite city as far as food goes. It's also cool that you can drink in public on Bourbon street. They've got beer and Hurricane stands. The last time I was there was like 2 months ago.

There are hustlers and peddlers but it's the same in every other major US city. If you like to gamble, they do a have decent Casino just a few blocks from the French Quarter which is very cool. Besides Vegas and Reno, I don't know of another major US city with a Casino that close to downtown.


Hi mate, I'm British, and I'll be there in a a couple of weeks with my girlfriend, who is an NOLA native. It'll be my 4 visit to her hometown.

It's a great place, think Brixton on a Sunday summer morning, and you're there. I've walked back to my hotel, nearly the length of the city when I was absolutely hammmered in the late hours of Saturday night, for the sheer fuck of it, and it was all good.


New Orleans is decent (I'm not a big city kind of guy), but keep this in mind: Mardi Gras of 2010, the news made a big point of reporting, "On Fat Tuesday this Mardi Gras, ONLY 6 people were shot."

Aside from that, like other people have said, don't get completely out of your gourd, and you should be good.


I hadn't heard of the 60 day law but quite liked the bit "witnesses go missing". I will keep that particular link away from the eyes of my girlfriend.
I am going to go, not sure when yet. Is it a place for any time of the year or would people recommend a particular month?


In summer months the smell of week-old urine and vomit is particularly pungent.

I recommend avoiding the city altogether, but if you're hellbent on it, avoid the warmer months.