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New or Old T-2 Formula

I’m about to start a cutting cycle and I am going to be using the old formula MD-6 and one of the T-2 formulas, how you ask?, Well i work in a supplement shop and we have a limited supply of the old formula and we have the new formual as well, I know they don’t produce the old one anymore, i believe because the FDA was cracking down but i’m not aware of the details I know the formulas are completely different on a scientific level which is reflected by the required cycling of the first formula. Any suggestions on which one i should use or any other tips for a cutting stack would be appreciated. Note: I’m using massive eating meal combinations and using German Body Comp and Meltdown training contrary to Cardio THANKS.

The old formula (T2) is better for use
during a cutting cycle of limited length – not months on end. The new formula (T2 Pro) is, unlike the previous one, suitable for long term use, or for use after a cycle of the original product.