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New One About to Start


W1-20Test blend (prop,e,c) 840mg /week 120mg/ED .3ml
W1-18Tren E 840mg /week 120mg/ED .6ml
W1-20EQ 700mg /week 100mg/ED .4ml

im going to throw in an Oral or two at some point. Thinking about winny about week 3-9 @ 100mg ED. and maybe some Dbol or drol the last 6 weeks (week 14-20) or i might reverse the order of the 2 orals.

thinking about going on a 6-8 week body recomp then trying to blow up to about 230+ by week 20.


20 weeks is a long ass cycle.

I take it you blast and cruise?


please tell me you are using slin pins


Hell of cycle Ty


did not read the part about orals. IMO you would be better off upping your dosage of injectables or simply adding another compound like deca


The pin volume is about 1.4 every day.... How would you use slin pins? That's a serious question... I've never used them.


You would use deca with tren? I've never tried deca but I don't really like a puffy water look.... And Im scared my dick won't work. Especially right now since I have a very young siren to keep up with:)


I recovered from my last 20 week binge pretty easy.... But after this one I may cruise... I hate not being on. Fucking love the pump and the ability to recover over night.... Fuck mortality, lol


Oh and I love Dbol.... I like the pump and "feel good" I get when using as a preworkout.


What would be ur choice compounds or doses? I have access to pretty much anything u can imagine.

Sorry for all the posts I got a little wordy after waking up from a good nap


how did you quantify your "recovery" from your previous cycle?

I would up the test, no orals

deca with tren is fine, control your prolactin if you want your member to function

draw with 23+g pin, backload slin pins.. 20 weeks of ED pinning with standard syringes is a bit much


Most slin pins only hold 1ml right? So 2 shots per day?

U think I shoul bump the test to 1200? This is the most I've used total so im curious If I'd still see a dramatic difference from 800 to 1200 of test.


I use .5ml 27g slin pins.. far easier to push the oil through.. it takes longer, but the benefits greatly outweigh the inconvenience

you can do whatever you want bro, orals are terrible for you that's what I was trying to get at.


By backload do you mean pull the plunger out of the slin pin, squirt the contents of the 23g in and replace the plunger?


I'll get some slin pins and try it with a 1ml barrel, and take to shots... Seems like a hassle but too many people do it. I'm game.


you will want .5ml trust me 1ml are a pain in the ass.. I use the same pin 3x


Slin pins are well worth it.


yes to everything except replacing the plunger


so trading 1 23ga pin for 3, 29ga pins is better? how about pin site rotations? do you just slightly move around on the same muscle for the multiple slin pins or do you use a different site for each. just curious...


what brand, ga, length do you prefer?