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I just started on the Anabolic diet 7 days ago and would like some advice to know if I am doing that right. I know there are two massive threads about this, have read most of it, but think this is the best place to post :D. Oh by the way, I am still trying to gain size.

I wanted to give a try for two reasons:

  • to try lol, see how that works for me =)
  • and also to avoid the cravings I had with a targeted carbs approach

Here is what I eat through the day:

Format is cals/prots/carbs/fats

5 Eggs: 385/ 34,5/ 1/ 27
Bacon, 2 slices: 184,4 /14,4 /2 /13,2
1 teaspoon peanut oil: 45/ 0 /0 /5
614,4/ 48,9/ 3/ 45,2

Meal 2
2 Steaks: 310,8/ 34/ 3,2/ 18
Bacon, 2 slices: 184,4/ 14,4/ 2/ 13,2
Cheese, 200g: 165,2/ 9,8/ 0/ 14
1 teaspoon peanut oil: 45/ 0/ 0/ 5
705,4/ 58,2/ 5,2/ 50,2

Meal 3
Cottage cheese, 250g: 224/ 30/ 8/ 8
Peanuts, 75g: 485,4/ 19,5/ 12,75/ 39,6
709,4/ 49,5/ 20,75/ 47,6

Meal 4
160g Turkey: 153,6 /38,4/ 0/ 0
3 Eggs: 231 /20,7 /0,6 /16,2
6 teaspoons peanut&olive oil: 270/ 0/ 0/ 30
Veggies :
654,6 /59,1 /0,6/ 46,2

Meal 5
Cottage cheese, 250g: 224/ 30/ 8/ 8
1 Steak: 155,4 /17/ 1,6/ 9
Bacon, 2 slices: 184,4 /14,4/ 2/ 13,2
3 teaspoons avocado oil: 135 /0/ 0 /15
563,8 61,4 11,6 45,2

3247,6 cals

In addition, I also have a lot of lettuce and the likes through the day.

So far so good I guess. I am happy to say that I did not have any cravings, usually Saturday is pizza day and I thought about it a couple of hours ago, but I just do not want it! Also appart from a small fatigue on the third day (had DL that day), I must confess I have been in a great mood since.

Well the only worries I have are about my understanding of the diet. From what I got as long as you balance your fat types intake there shouldn’t be any issue with my cholesterol and such right?
I am looking forward for the next carb up however as I believe that I might grow weaker in the next week (while glycogen stores are getting depleted).

Finally I got a question concerning a principle of the diet I don’t get (and sorry but I did not find that info anywhere, or just missed it…). Is your (well mine here) body slowly getting fat adapted after each carb up in a weekly process. Or, are the first two weeks to get the body fat adapted once and for all, and then the carbs up just restore glygogen without kicking your body out of that state?

Would be great if you had some advices.

I’d advise you to post this in the AD thread http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/diet_performance_nutrition_supplements/my_experience_on_the_anabolic_diet_part_ii

You’ll be more successful in getting a response there. :slight_smile:

Ok, fair enough. It just sounded weird to me coz we could have made a targeted carbs thread and a low carbs thread then xD.