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New on Testosterone Cypionate

I am a 19 year old student who has recently switched from 2 pumps of androgel 1.62 to 100 mg of testosterone cyp per week. I have also started on lexapro (an antidepressant) because of my depression and anxiety. I took my first shot about 2 days ago. How should I expect to feel in the future?

Suggest that you drop the SSRI and try Wellbutrin.
Many are treated with SSRI’s when the root problem is hormones.

With young men, low-T is the symptom, not the disease and the root cause needs to be found fixed/managed.

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Please post all lab with ranges in list format.

LH/FSH - should have been done before any TRT!
prolactin - if elevated, a MRI is used to look for a prolactin secreting adinoma

If you were not able to absorb androgel, that happens to also be a symptom of low thyroid function which can be caused by not using iodized salt.

Where are you located?

It can take a month to feel benefits. But not perhaps if thyroid function is wrong.

Were your testes inspected?

When did problems start and what significant events/illnesses/accidents proceeded that?