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New Old Man, 42 Just Started Lifting


Well hello T Nation. I’m back and better I was 465lbs now I’m 295 30%body fat. I’m on keto and also on trt I’m 42 yrs feel better than ever. Also I’ve DDD and mild surgery on the hip. Doctor went in Clean my joint cause arthritis. It hurts squading Legg press I do 810 lbs. I’m lifting and love how my body is reshaping, skin is killing me but I’m considering cosmetic surgery, I’ve never feel this way.


congrats on the transformation and good luck with your continued progress! There’s one great thing about being a FFB that us skinny guys are always jealous of…amazing calves and forearms =)

If you decide to start a training log I’ll follow


Thanks! I’m getting in the habit of keeping a log so it’ll be a great idea to start one. Good idea!


Wow, great job!


Congrats on your progress!


Wow, you literally look like you’ve become your own son, like a generation younger.
Inspiring work.
Log is a great idea.


Inspiring stuff man.

Also, beard gains are on point.


great work


Logging is a great practice.

Also, I’m experiencing beard-envy.


Have to love trt thanks y’all!


Congrats mate. Keep it up and smash the weights


Good work mate, start up a log and smash some weights and ask some questions. Lots of us older boys around here to help out or just shoot the breeze with.


Weight my self in today and I’m 293 lbs went out and got me a little present.


Did you buy a child !!! Good work man


Great job! Keep up the hard work. Very inspiring


I’m looking in to start a split training, yes I’m doing trt but my recuperation it’s taking a bit long if I do 4 days a week will be great. Just asking for help thanks! I’ve to stop for a week cause pain in my right hand mid finger. Right in the center of my hand.


Gonna link @losthog here, he started lifting in his 40s and is benching high 200s, squatting low 400s and deadlifting low 500s with nowhere to go but up. This is just the beginning man, and your family will be thankful for the extra years you gave yourself by losing all that weight.


Welcome to T-Nation! Very impressive transformation!

Solid work you are putting in to make gains (losses) like that!


Odd, did you get it looked at ? Could be bruising or a finger strain.
Hopefully you still managed to do some training and just work around it.


531- simple strength is a good place to start.

@JMaier31 can assist with CT programs which would be good also

It all depends on what your goals are with lifting. Do you want to be as strong as you can be, lift for health and body composition, want to be athletic and explosive, or be a deadly man…

Programming can take many shapes depending on your goals…