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New Old Guy

Hi. I’m new to T-Nation. Great site. I’m a 53 year old recreational iron pumper, training since age 15. Hope to learn something on this site about maintaining my T-levels at age 53.

Greetings and salutations. You’ve come to the right place.

Hey, pumper53, welcome to T-Nation! Glad you joined us here. I think you’ll find lots of great reading in the articles, as well as here on the forum.

Ah…53. Just a youngin’. Welcome. I hope you like to read, cuz this is the place where you’ll do a lot of that.


I’m new here also, lot’s of great articles.

My doc. prescribed me andro-gel for a low test count.

He never mentioned the downside…aromatization.

Any advice on how to approach my doctor about this??


Well at 53 you might be a little sad now that 1/3 of your life is over.
I am 55 and lift competitively, and doing pretty darn well.
Just do not worry about those under 45 young punks on this board. Hey some of them even say Elvis is dead.
Just remember to not neglect training any body part, including heart and lungs. Well time for me to go do my cardio and trunk work for today.