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  1. Been lifting off and on for 25 years, two degrees in exercise physiology, current physical therapist, former strength coach at a Div I university.

Following 5/3/1 with Triumvirate assistance template. Love the program because it brings in strength, volume and conditioning.

Numbers are pretty bad, but here they are following a month of serious training

Bench 290
Squat 400
Deadlift 400
OHP 190

Weigh 245 with "too much for my liking" bodyfat. Working with a professional on a modified warrior eating plan.

I'll try to update things as I go. I look forward to getting to know the "geezer" group.


Welcome - and those numbers aren't "pretty bad"


Welcome! And I echo Soldog - I would be very proud of those numbers.


Well, they are pretty respectable. I consider them "pretty bad" because A: I weigh 250 and B: I blasted all of those numbers out of the water when I was 17 and weighed 175-180 with 5-8% bodyfat.

The numbers will get better.


Wellcome to the old folks home.


Welcome to block! Numbers look fine to me.


One day I'll realize that I'm not 17 anymore. Not sure when that will be.

Goals are

Bench x 1.5 BW
Squat x 2.0 x BW
DL x 2.5 x BW

or based on where I am now I'm looking at

245 OHP
370 Bench
500 Squat
625 Deadlift

My goal BW is 220 so the numbers will look closer to:

220 OHP
330 Bench
440 squat
550 Deadlift

Still working out my technique.

I will also enter my first powerlifting meet this year (Raw), but that won't be til the end of the year some time, probably.


Ahh, so much fun.

Sounds like you have all the credentials to put together a first-rate training plan to achieve your goals.


I do for sure. Sometimes it's just easier to be brainless. I have a hectic life, if I can follow a sound program and not have to think too much, then all is good. The triumvirate allows me to play around a little bit, though.


Welcome . I have to say you have a pretty respectable back ground in strength training. Ill overlook the fact your from the Buckeye state. :slight_smile:


Great pic bulldog. Love it. My background is definitely repectable by many's accounts. lol. As for the Buckeye state? Eh. I only live here. Not an Ohio State fan per se. I know a few of the coaches professionally so I follow them, but I'm a Nebraska fan through and through.

Thanks for the welcome folks


Wow, I have been spending so much time in another forum here on the board that i forgot about this one.

I guess I need to update a few things.

Back on some TRT (still working that out)

DL the other day resulted in 315x15 reps (on my 3 week of 5/3/1)--time to reset the msx I think

Squat sucks but I'm working on technique now in order to sit back and activate the posterior chain more.

Been doing GHR's 2x/week to improve PC strength and it's working. Using less assist now (less sore after, also)

Bench is doing OK.

Going to start recording my lifts via video next week.


Looking forward to the videos. A picture's worth a thousand words, especially where lifting's concerned.

Those lifts are very respectable, don't be so hard on yourself.

They are a great bunch of supportive and knowledgeable people on here. I've learnt alot.

Oh and welcome.


The numbers are OK. I'm just fat. Not nearly where i want them, but they'll get there.