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New Old Guy, Saying Hello


Been lurking on here for a while now reading old and new posts, decided it was about time I stopped looking through the window and walked through the door and said hi.

A bit about me,

Name - Rob
Age - wrong side of 40
Gender - Male
Location - Melbourne, Australia
Height - 1.72
Weight - current 84kg
Training Background - Started lifting wights with my dad as a young skinny 16 year. Spent my teens and 20’s doing the typical bodybuilding split just to put on some size and gain some strength. Moved to Australia in 2005 from the UK weighing 93kg looking OK but stopped training, no idea why, life just kind of got in the way. Hit 36 and realised I had lost a fair bit of muscle and gained some fat was 87kg but didn’t look good. I needed to do something and started running.

Over the last 6 years have been running fairly consistently and done a few half marathons and shorter fun runs . At the start of last year It dawned on me that even though I was fit I was no longer strong and had lost a lot of my size. It was time to get some balance and cut back the running and start back on the weights. I got back in the gym in April 2016 weighing 73kg’s and followed a basic full body beginner routine 2 days a week. Literally started with a bar and just added 2.5kg a side each week and when it got too heavy just added 1.25kg each side. Started 531 2 days a week in September 2016 and really loving it. Body weight is back up to 84kg and strength is coming back slowly. I still try to run 2-3 days a week to maintain some fitness but the focus at the moment is on slowly getting stronger.
Current Lifts: Squat 122.5kg x 3, Deadlift 147.5kg x 2, Bench 102.5 x 3, OH 77.5 x 3

Goals - Right now I am just trying to make sure I dont become a 'fat dad ', by fat I am not referring to weight or body fat% but more to a state of mind, I want to keep being that dad who can do things, run with his kids, pick them up and throw them about, lift things, build things, be a dad that CAN. I am sure you get the idea.

Anyway thats enough from me.


WELCOME to the group!!! Great seeing new people in here!!


Thanks Bulldog, its good t be here. Not hitting the numbers some of you guys are but hopefully I can still contribute and learn a whole lot more at the same time.


G’day Rob, how you making out?


Yer all good, training has been very consistent, and body seems to be holding up well. I have 2 weeks left of my current training cycle and then I am going to Bali for a two week holiday with the family. I cant wait to just relax and play with the kids for a couple of weeks. When I get back and start my next training plan I will start a log on here.


Stopping by for the first, welcome.


Thanks Harry




thanks Cap