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New Old Guy Here, Checking In


I’ve been dinking and dunking on this site for a couple of months, wasn’t till today that I saw that you have an over 35 section…that was what it took for me to finally join up. I’m a 37yo who has lost about 70lbs in the last 16 months started at 250lb @ 5’10" now in the upper 170’s depending on the day. Started off with just doing yoga everyday for about 11 months was running a little bit had lost most of my weight, then about 5 months ago I started lifting.

I had lifted in the past and had really enjoyed it was never a massive #'s guy, I’m the guy doing sets of 16 on no rest not the guy pressing 2 plates plus. I hacked around for a while then about 4 months ago started doing the Westside for skinny bastards program, my own takeoff of it anyway, and was able to realize some nice strength gains, but after 3 months of doing ws4sb’s all that max effort work started to cost me a lot of rehab time which meant I had to learn a lot about mobility, foam rollers, and trigger points.

I’m now working out 4-5 days a week the fifth day usually is some sick metcon last weekend it was alternating 10 sets of bench with ten sets of squats at 10 reps per set low weight of course but, i love how i feel after working like that. All in all I’m back on to high rep schemes and low rest for all but a couple of lifts my body seems to respond really well to that kind of training. Looking forward to learning all that I can from the over 35 group, it sure isn’t as easy as it was when I was 17 or 27 for that matter. Lifting is now my new normal I love it, i wish i would have figured it out much sooner in life! Thanks for your time.


Welcome. I just joined today too


Then welcome to you too!


Thank you.

Congrats on the extreme weight loss. It will be interesting to follow your successes

I personally like heavy loads / low reps with short rest. I lack power so I am trying to build my numbers up but I do use higher reps

I may have missed it but I don’t think you posted a specific goal


Well no specific goals I’m doing a spartan race in June other than that I just really like lifting it’s a stress reliever for me. My hope is that I will become a better human athlete faster stronger and more explosive,wouldn’t mind turning a head or two either. All seriousness though I’m really into movement, mobility, and studying the programs that I’m experimenting on myself with. I think if things continue along this arc I may look towards coaching in the future.


Busy in here today… Love seeing new people joining up in the Over 35!
Welcome to the over 35 crew @chrism2sych !