New, Old, and Fat

I’m 38 years old and have come to the realization that I’m FAT. I wasn’t always fat, in fact I was quite skinny in my youth. I now want to not be fat or skinny but massive. Here’s my basic stats, 6’4" 279 lbs (as of this morning, 310 as of Oct 1 2006). I got down to 250lbs from 310 2 years ago with Atkins and no exercise, I found this diet not life friendly and I was just a skinnier fat guy… I’ve changed my lifestyle to include at a minimum 40 minutes every morning of treadmill using a hills routing at around 3.8 MPH. I’ve broken both my kneecaps and running is out unless I’m on the wrestling mat. I also do another 40 minutes of elliptical trainer at my work and have started lifting in the last 2 weeks.

I also help coach my 11 year olds wrestling team and actively work out with them and I’ve been invited to start helping the heavyweight high school kids as well (GREAT exercise). I’ve banned my usual nightly 1lb bag of chips ahoy cookies from the house and have replaced them (and other unhealthy food) with the following:

Cardio 6:15 to 6:55 AM
Breakfast 7AM: 1 bag of plain oatmeal with a cup of milk and protein drink (starting pro complex tomorrow from a different brand)
Morning 9AM: Protein Bar - Detour Carmel Peanut
Morning 11AM: 4 boiled eggs
Lunch Cardio/weight lifting
Lunch 1PM: misc items either Sashimi, chicken breast or various other items and a salad
Afternoon 3 - 4 PM: Protein Bar - same as above
Wrestling 4:30 - 7PM
Dinner - misc items, chicken, steak etc with salad, misc carb and veggies
Daily Mannatech Sport, Mannatech Accelerator3, Mannatech Plus, Glucosamine 2000mg (damn knees).

Any help would be appreciated, I have 18 months to 40 and I want to be 10% body fat, MASSIVE and at least 19" biceps.

Curent cold measurements:
17" bicep
13" forearm
7.5" wrist
17" calf
25" thigh
17" neck
48" chest
51" chest expanded
50" waist (full circumference currently wearing 44" pants in the male fat free valley) :slight_smile:
48.5" hips
Hit me with anything, workout suggestions, supplements, diet etc.
I’m reading through these currently:

I’ll post an up to date pic soon.

Diet doesnt look horrid id drop the baggie of oatmeal and svae money and get real oats with all the nutrients not stripped away just a big box of old fashioned oats.

Drop those candy bars. Man those detour bars arent worth a damn IMO. You are lacking in good fats. except the bit from the lean meat and eggs. add in some nuts, avacado, olive oil, fish oil etc.

have maybe mixed nuts and a protein shake instead of those bars.

The tread mill and elliptical are all good might be over doing it with the amout but not if pretty low intensity. What does your lifting routine look like?? Sounds like your fairly dedicated and have a plan to be active in general that helps.

Check out the 7 habits article by JB for some easy to follow nutrition advice get those fats in fire your training back but most of all do it do what you have planned now and make changes as you learn. Dont sit idle and wait for the perfect plan.


Given your goals you’ll probably have to end up getting your nutrition and training pretty serious by the end of your timeframe.

No sweat, just make sure you keep reading up on things while you are doing what you have outlined. You should find a couple things to tweak here and there and then pick or put together a new plan as you learn more.

Given your age, and weight, get your bloodwork done (you know, visit the doctor, that type of stuff).

In particular, with potentially high fat levels and getting a bit older (join the club) you could be in a state of less than optimal testosterone, possibly due to excess fat causing excess aromatization or whatever. Just get it checked to establish a baseline.